10 Best ways to Control Canker Sores Fast

Canker sores are a type of mouth ulcers which causes a lot of pain. It prevents from eating even from talking.  The question is what causes canker sores? Well there are many causes and once you know the root cause of canker sore they can be effectively controlled.

My entire life I have been suffering from canker sores and now I am free from canker sores the reason is now I know the root cause of canker sore. I would like to share my life experience that how I managed to control canker sores.

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1) Find Out what are you allergic from:

There are many people who do not know what are they allergic from? The best way to find out is to visit a doctor who will ask you to undergo an allergic test. The test will show your allergy root cause. Second option is time taking all you have to do is to figure out yourself the source of allergy it could be from chillies, nuts of anything.  Food items after which you feel canker sore appear in your mouth.

I am allergic to chillies as my body heat up quickly so I avoid taking them.

2) Make Sure you are not Under Weight:

If you are under weight you will notice a rapid increase in the growth of canker sores in your mouth. So if you are under weight then you will have canker sores.

3) Stronger Immune System:

Make sure your immune system is strong enough. If your immune system is weak then you will have more cases of canker sore than usual.

4) Maintain a Healthy Diet:

If you are eating junk food which is not healthy then don’t expect canker sore to disappear faster however they will grow more. Check your diet and change it to healthy diet completely if you want to avoid canker sores. Eat fruits for healthy body also fruits help in fighting diseases.

5) Don’t Keep your Stomach Empty:

Our stomach is filled with acids to avoid acidic reaction you must eat a healthy meal or snack after every 3 hour. If it’s not possible you must not keep your stomach empty otherwise the acidic reaction will cause gases to make ulcer in form of canker sore in your mouth.

6) Drink Cold Dairy Milk twice:

Milk is a gift of God and it has multiple benefits not only it keeps the body fully functional however it helps in controlling canker sores. In some cases it helped in vanishing canker sores completely. Make sure to drink cold milk if you are not allergic to milk and dairy products.

7) Avoid Eating Chillies:

Too much spice can destroy your health completely. If you want to proceed in control canker sores then avoid eating too much chilli especially red and green ones.

8) Avoid having Black Cold Drinks:

Coca cola, Pepsi and all black cold drinks are not good for your health. If you have canker sores avoid having them because they make your canker sores even worse.

9) Avoid having Hot Meals and Drinks:

Once you have canker sores avoid having hot meals and drinks as I have experienced that hot meals and drinks make canker sore grow even more and they cause a lot of pain as well.

10) Take some Rest and Drink Cold water after every half an hour.

Once cankers sores appear in your mouth don’t work hard however give yourself some time otherwise the heat generated in body due to a lot of work can make canker sores even bigger. To control them you can drink cold water after every half an hour.

I have shared all the tips which are based on my experience.  The most effective tip is be happy and don’t let the body heat to cause sores in your mouth.


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