10 Correct Ways to Wash your Hair

Have you ever thought about the correct ways to wash your hair? Yes, that’s right!

Improper hair wash can cause hair fall however there are many ways you can still control hair fall using simple home remedies.

Most of us do not know the right ways to wash hair. With the help of this article you will be able to know 10 correct ways to wash your hair.

The following steps will help you in having gorgeous hair without any kind of trouble.

1) Detangle your hair

The first step is to detangle your hair start from the tip of your hair and slowly moves upward to detangle your hair. This way you will lose less hair.

2) Apply hair mask or oil

The best way to nourish your hair properly is to apply DIY hair mask or oil so that you will get shiny and health hair.

3) Massage your scalp

Applying mask will be useless unless you massage your hair and scalp.

4) Soak your hair in water completely

If you had applied hair mask you need to wait for at least an hour before you can wash your hair.

5) Apply mild shampoo

Do not apply harsh shampoos this will damage your hair and scalp. There are shampoos available to treat dull and damage hair.

6) Use fingers to gradually rub your scalp and hair

The trick is to gently rub your scalp and hair when you apply shampoo. Make sure all your hair is covered with shampoo. Do not apply shampoo second time unless you have extremely dirty hair.

7) Rinse properly with filtered water   

Use filter water which means the water must not have impurities for instance hard water which has harmful solvents in it that can damage your hair.  Some people like salt water baths which is good for relaxation but not good for your hair. So make sure not to wash your hair with salted water or water which is not filtered.

8) Wash until all shampoo bubbles are gone.

Make sure to properly rinse out shampoo from your hair it may cause itching and dandruff if it’s not properly rinse out. Learn how to control that itchy dandruff.

10 Correct Ways to Wash your Hair

9) Use Conditioner

Like our skin needs creams and moisturizers same way our scalp and hair needs moisturizers which we can get through hair conditioners.

10) Cover your head with towel   

Once you wash your hair cover it with towel to absorb all water.  Do not always blow dry your hair this will also damage your hair.

Note: Do not use hot water    

Hot water is hair and scalp enemy . Washing hair with hot water is not at all a good idea read my article on 5 reasons not to wash hair with hot water.


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