3 Smart Shoe Features to Keep Your Feet Healthy and Pain-Free


Shoes should help our feet feel comfortable when we are on the move, but sometimes they cause foot problems. Having foot pain can really be a drag. Wearing shoes that fit properly and support your feet is important for pain-free, healthy feet. To ensure your feet stay pain-free, here are the key features to look for when choosing shoes.

Features of Good Footwear

  1. Firm heel counter: provides heel stability and support.
  2. Midfoot fastener: laces, buckles, or Velcro to ensure snug fit and present foot moving forward.
  3. Sole: should be reasonably firm throughout and bend across the ball of the foot, but not at the midfoot. Rubber soles provide grip and shock absorption.

Best Shoes for Bad Knees

If you are suffering from knee pain, there are shoes that can help you. The top three features in shoes to look for if you have bad knees include: well cushioned and shock absorbent, firm outsole, and arch support.

Reducing knee pain starts with ensuring you do not place any unnecessary strain on your achy joints. By combining a well-cushioned insole with a highly efficient, shock absorbing outsole, you help reduce the shock of your foot hitting the ground. Having a firm outsole is useful whether you have bad knees or suffer from over pronation. Combining the shock absorption and firm outsole with appropriate arch support is the best way to reverse or prevent knee pain related to footwear.

Helpful Tips for Healthy Feet

Whether you suffer from foot pain or not, there are some important tips to help you prevent or alleviate foot pain. 

  1. Hard surfaces can cause foot pain and problems. To reduce the stress on your feet, wear supportive shoes with softer soles and innersoles.
  2. Lace-up boots may ease sore feet. Lace-up boots maintain the alignment of the leg so that both sides of your foot have even amounts of pressure placed on them.
  3. High heels can cause significant physical stress. High heeled shoes place the foot in an unnatural position, affecting your foot and posture.
  4. Select shoes that suit your activity. Whether you are playing a sport or just going out on the town, wearing the right shoes for the right activity will help.

Finding the best footwear to keep your feet healthy and keep you pain-free involves a bit of work. It is important to remember these features and tips. You should wear what properly fits and wear the appropriate shoes for the appropriate activity.

For example, if you are playing a sport, you should look for athletic shoes that are well cushioned, have a firm outsole, and proper arch support. If you are at an event that requires hours of standing, you should wear shoes that have softer insoles, such as shoes with message gel padding or J-Flex Flexible Comfort System found in the Justin brand shoes and boots.

A healthy and pain-free foot makes for a happy person. Following these tips allows you to go about your day without foot pain or stress because of foot pain.


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