4 Types of Shoes That Work for Year-Round Looks


Are you anxious about what the change of seasons may mean for your wardrobe choices? Are you resistant to modifying your style just to fit the weather? Don’t worry! Some items of clothing work all year round, whether it’s hot or cold outside. Let’s take a look at the shoes that can be worn in any type of weather and will have you looking your best.


The primary purpose for wearing sandals is, of course, to achieve a seemingly perpetual state of comfort without sacrificing style. And yes, sandals are not recommend strictly for the summer season. In fact, these type of shoes can brilliantly compliment a chic look for the fall season as well.

Depending on the weather, we suggest choosing jeans, mid-length skirts, jackets, or even bell bottoms to go along with your selected pair of sandals.

What will this look say about you? It will speak of your confidence, desire for comfort, and your keen eye for fashion.


Wearing flats during the colder months of the year not only offers a fashionable option, but makes a statement. They suggest you are entirely comfortable in your skin, naturally transitioning from one season to another.

Wearing flats does not mean you will need to sacrifice warmth and comfort. In fact, most shoe models are waterproof, which means your well-being will not be at risk during the rainy season. Besides that, they look absolutely delightful. You can wear them with the dress of your choice, a fun T-shirt, or your favorite pair of jeans.

What does this look say about you? Your look is your calling card, after all. This style speaks of your desire to remain true to your self by refusing drastic changes to accommodate each passing season.

Western Boots

Not just for cowboys and not reserved strictly for one season, Western shoes are making more and more of an impact. Chances are you’ve already seen some of your favorite celebrities sporting Western shoes to accompany a classy, yet rebellious look.

We suggest choosing a pair of western boots that speak about your love of tradition and desire for adventure. The look is complimented by wearing cut-off jeans, skirts, dresses, blue jeans, or wool sweaters.

What does this look say about you? This look tells the world you are confidently looking for adventure while keeping yourself grounded.

Ugg Boots

Do you remember the moment Ugg boots truly became popular worldwide? This shoe design originated in Australia, but came to international recognition thanks to the support of some well-known celebrities who weren’t shy about sporting this ankle-high shoe.

Ugg boots compliment a cozy, down-to-earth look. That is why they can be worn successfully with denim jeans, leggings, a nice winter coat, or a hooded jacket.

What does this look say about you? You are the kind of person who likes to make the best of your surroundings and you let your style speak for your desire to lead a balanced life.

With these type of boots, your look will seem to say to the rest of the world you are ready to make the best of the day, regardless of the weather.



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