5 Easy steps to Detangle Hair

Detangle hair can also result in hair loss and it also weakens hair roots. To avoid hair damage you can either use products however I prefer control hair fall using simple home remedies.

When I was a teenager I never knew the right ways to detangle hair. As I grew up I realized that there must be some other easy steps to detangle hair without any hair loss and damage. The causes of detangled hair lead me to change the ways of detangling my hair.  Is hair care that difficult? No, exactly difficult rather it’s never been easy.

There are always options when it comes to hair care. Just follow the right steps and choose the right product or right home remedy and then you are all set to achieve your target.

Girls become sad and cry when they have skin, hair care disaster which probably due to above mentions reasons.  Never do it wrong and the best way to avoid disaster is to first let yourself know  about the product, formula , home remedy which you are about to choose.

So what are the 5 easy steps to detangle hair without pain and hair loss? Let’s start with step number one.

1) Change your Comb or hair Brush

The first thing you must know is whether or not the tool you are using for hair brushing is right or not.

People have different types of hair and for different types of hair there are different hair brushes available in the market if you are not sure about which hair brush is best for you then go to a store which offers hair care advice and they will recommend you the right tool.

2) Detangle hair during hair wash, after applying oil and conditioner:

There three ways to detangle hair, avoid hair fall and hair damage.

  • Detangle hair During Hair wash

When you have applied shampoo your hair becomes moist and smooth this is the best time to detangle hair. You must also learn the correct ways to wash your hair.

  • Detangle hair after applying oil

After applying hair oil you can detangle hair easily as oil reduces friction and hair can be easily detangle.

  • Detangle hair after applying conditioner

Either applies dry conditioner on your hair or wet conditioner. Dry conditioner is best when you do not want to wash your hair.

To avoid dull and damage hair I recommend using these top 5 shampoos for dull, dry and damage hair.

3) Start brushing hair from hair tips and not from roots.

Agree or not the best way to avoid detangle hair is to start your brushing from hair tips this will results in less detangle hair.

detangle hair

4) Hair Straighter:

Use hair straighter at-least once a week to avoid detangle hair. You can either use hair straightening products or electronic hair straightener to avoid detangles hair.

5) Hair Sections:

Do not rush to detangle all your hair at once rather make hair sections and detangle them section wise to avoid hair fall and hair damage.

Know the right way to take care of your hair.

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