5 Most Amazing Desi Bridal Dresses you must Consider for your Wedding

5 Most Amazing Desi Bridal Dresses you must Consider for your Wedding

Desi weddings are usually known for known for their color ,decorations , and sparkling dresses , Although wedding occasion is equally important for bride and groom however when we talk about desi weddings it means a function is more important to the whole family and their relatives.

Desi wedding celebrations start a few weeks before weddings in some cases these pre wedding functions even starts before a month and lasts weeks after weddings so you can imagine how joyful desi weddings can become.

Choosing a wedding dress is not that easy as it seems, weddings are lifetime events, in-fact a most important day in a couple’s life.  Somehow for brides this day is even more special than any other event and for brides makeup, accessories and outfit they both matter the most.

If you are bride to be then these wedding dresses will definetly wow you, so let’s start the countdown?

1-Elegant Silver white dress by Faraz Manan


No doubt the dress looks so lavish and elegant at the same time the jewellery is well complimenting the dress and so is the makeup.

2-Hsy for more lavish wedding

hsy hsy1 hsy2 hsy3

If you are looking for full lavish couture wedding dress then look no further than HSY the couture king.

3-Playing with colors Nomi Ansari







If you are a person who wants a gorgeous colourful wedding dress than Nomi Ansari is the designer to choose, he has a wide range of elegant colourful bridal dresses.

4-Omer Syed for elegant and more couture

omer syed

If you are looking for looking for a medium light work on your wedding dress with beautiful color combination then this dress by Omer Syed is just beautiful.

5-Pink for Mehndi


Mehndi functions are equally special as baraat and walima functions and this pink dress is perfect for Mehndi function. The dress is designed by Faraz Manan


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