5 Natural Skin Care Tips this Summer


Exfoliate with Lemon:

Take a fresh lime or lemon and slice it in to half, rub it generously all over your skin especially the area which has more discoloration. Lemon not only exfoliate and removes the dull cells from the skin, it also gives you a very healthy glow.

Tomato a Great SPF:

If you do not know tomatoes are not only good for heart they also help in providing you with a youthful skin. If you are regularly having tomatoes or keeping a balance in your diet by adding tomatoes you automatically will get the best sun protection just by eating a healthy dose of tomatoes in your diet.  You can also have tomatoes soup or juice.

Beetroot for Acne and Pimples

If you are having any signs of acne and pimples just try adding beetroot in your diet you can simply have beetroot juice or eat it in your daily salad.   It also gives very healthy glowing skin and also prevents signs of ageing.

Moisturize with Honey:

Honey has many properties it is a great cleanser it opens up and clean pores, it has antibacterial properties and a very rich moisturizer.  After cleaning your face you can apply honey mask on your face and rinse it with Luke warm water.

Strawberries for Skin Toning:

Loaded with natural antioxidants strawberries can serve as perfect skin toning if you don’t want to damage your skin using harmful products you can always try natural skin care to give your skin a healthy and natural glow.


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