5 Reasons not to Wash your Hair with Hot Water

Hot water bath are usually considered quite relaxing and there is no doubt especially in winter hot water is really important which means one cannot possibly bath in cold water. However doctors prefer warm water instead of hot water due to skin damage concerns warm water baths are preferably better.

Hot water hair washing is no good for hair as it causes a lot of hair damage and makes hair look rougher and dryer. And after that when you blow dry you get the worst hair style. There are damage therapy shampoos available in the market which can actually do wonders for you hair.

Hot water hair washing is actually a start of bad hair day. So if you really want to avoid bad hair day you must avoid washing your hair with hot water.

Here is why one should avoid washing hair with hot water.

1-Makes Hair Dull and Dry

Nobody likes dull and damaged hair even though your hair is not damaged but you will get damaged hair once you wash your hair with hot water.  Hot water is not good for your scalp.  It pulls away essential hair moistures along with the dirt and oil. So if you have to wash your hair with hot water immediately switch to normal temperature water.

2-Hair Lose Shine

Hot water does damage your natural hair shine it makes your hair look sad ultimately resulting in hair with no shine at all. Nobody like hair with no shine everybody struggles for shiny and beautiful hair.  I believe shinny hair means healthy hair. So what would you do when there is no shine?

3-Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is a major hair concern and there must be other ways to control hair frizziness.  Obviously you must avoid the reason you already know which causes frizzy hair.

5 Reasons not to Wash your Hair with Hot Water

4-causes Dandruff

I think dandruff is the most embarrassing hair problem and once you know hot water actually nourishes dandruff microbes then you will definetly avoid it.There are still many ways you can control that itchy dandruff.

5-worse for already damaged hair

Once you are worried about your already damaged hair do not make your situation worse by washing your hair with hot water.  Damage hair needs extra care and you cannot actually make your hair look more damages than they already are.

How to recover hair damage once you have washed hair with hot water?

Well, once you know you have washed your hair with hot water you must wash your hair with water which is neither too hot nor too cold. Just remember that the temperature of water must not bother you anyway.