5 Signs your man is cheating on you

5 Signs your man is cheating on you


It happens in every relationship it’s because of human nature however you cannot simply deny the fact that there are still people in this world who love cheating on their partners and still there exists people who are sincere in their relationships no matter what.

Cheating is a Choice and not a Mistake

You also like to read it’s fine if your man is beautiful.

If you are not already married then there is a need to find the right person and if you are blessed (married) already then still you can find ways to develop good relationship with your partner.

Don’t judge anybody right away without any evidence or without giving the person enough time.

So before coming to any conclusion there are signs which will help you know if he is the right person for you.

1-Not Taking Care of you

Many ladies complain their partners that they do not give them enough time; neither have they praised how beautiful they look.  But I ask you ladies before coming to conclusion do you first realize how much he cares for your well being?

Such a person is more sincere than a guy who praises his woman all the time and do not care for her.   So ladies don’t become stupid, first very clear sign that he loves you is he takes a good care of you even if he is a bit cold towards you yet he gives you the most importance in his life and knows everything about you, in-fact he is interested in you despite of his cold nature. Those who do not care are ones who are not at all interested that means not taking care is the first sign he is not the right guy.


2-Make you cry all the time

Are you crying all the time just because of useless fights and because he is always taunting and degrading and comparing you?  This is the second sign. He surely do not like you if he makes you cry all the time and do not care in the slightest.



A relationship which makes you cry all the time is just like you are in relationship with an onion. So it’s painful each moment then what’s the reason putting up with such person? 

3-He wants to Change you

cheating 1

The third very visible sign is he always interrupts you and do not like anything about you and you have to be a complete different person with him which is not like you. A man who does not accept the way you are is worthless. If he wants to have good changes in you in terms of good habits and  for your own good then it’s fine , however if he is looking for an entire opposite person which is not you then just leave it.   If you are already married and have kids then I think you are mature enough and already know how to live with such a man.

4-He still dates with his Ex Girl friends

Well you know even if he is good with you and dates with his ex girlfriends and female friends behind your back then he is definitely cheating on you. He dates behind your back and still checks your phone he is very annoying and hypocrite.

5-He don’t care about the relationship at all

He is always cold towards you and do not care that you even exists and compare you with his other female friends etc.  He doesn’t care if you die or you are in some kind of trouble. In short he is never with you in your hard times.

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