5 Things to know About Justin Gossman


Justin Gossman is an International super model, with his unique style and killer looks he has a very attractive personality he is one of the most versatile model in the industry.  Although he is popular but there are many things you might not know about him.

1-He is a Musician in a Rock & Roll band called (The Toy Guns)


If you do not know he has been dancing from a very young age, he learnt piano and can play harmonica and guitar. Also he is the lead vocalist in a rock and roll band called ‘’The Toy Gun’’.  They are all set to launch their music in upcoming months.  Since he has great inspirations from Mick Jagger, David Bowie, Brian Jones, Keith Richards, Jim Morrison, Syd Barrett, Patti Smith, Bob Dylan all old style legends.  Unique thing about (The Toy Guns) is its rock and roll background with a new modern twist.


2-He Loves Collecting Knives

He loves collecting knives especially the ones with unique designs.


3-He Loves Goofing around

-Although he is a profession model but on back stage and when he is not working  sometimes he  loves goofing around with his colleges and friends Justin is all about fun there is not a single dull moment with Justin, he loves enjoying life , spreading love , he knows how to cheer up people  around him making all the atmosphere entertaining.


4-Surfing and Skateboarding

Justin used to skate board and  still he loves surfing whenever he gets a chance.


5-Resemblance with famous Japanese manga Character Sebastian Michaelis from Black Butler


Although Justin is really all about rock and roll and he loves devils sympathy a song by the rolling stones.  Justin’s great resemblance with famous Japanese manga Black Butler lead character called Sebastian is not just a co-in coincidence.


Justin has that super sexy piercing eyes and inborn style like Sebastian, his dance moves and everything it’s seems like Justin is real life Sebastian they both are super cool.  Although Justin might not know about Sebastian or black butler but we think this is more than just a co-incidence.

FullSizeRender (1)
Justin has coolest personalty and it has great resemblance with fictional characters but in reality people like Justin are pretty hard to find


Justin Gossman is a sensitive sweet person with a great personality and he has that awesomeness.  People love him for what he is.  He can be a part of a TV series or Hollywood movie since he has that charisma.

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