5 Ways to Ease Period Pain DIY

Period pain can sometimes make life really miserable it not only disturb our daily activities however if the pain becomes unbearable the only solution we can think of is having pain killers.  Which ease period pain on temporary bases just for few hours?

Period pain has nothing to do with age however it has everything to do with diet.   Yes, that’s true diet has everything to do with period pain.

So the best thing to ease period pain and avoid cramps is to have a better diet.  However there are still 5 ways to ease period pain inclusive of a better diet plan.  Let’s know the 5 ways to ease period pain DIY.

Massage with oil:

Take one table spoon of olive oil or mustard oil and massage your stomach with the oil. Keep massaging for 5 minutes and you will see the pain is gone.  I have tried it and this does work.

Drink hot Milk:

Drinking hot milk will help you getting lesser pain.  If you include sugar in milk or dark chocolate it will help you in getting comfortable periods. I prefer dark chocolate as it is rich in iron and also improves health.

Eat Fruits:

Eating fruits also help in getting less painful periods.  Two bananas, one apple, one guava, grapes, mangoes, oranges will help you in recovering iron deficiency.

Eating Dates and food Rich in iron:

Irregular and painful periods are a result of improper diet plus iron deficiency. Also if you are intended to make your periods regular and less painful then trying giving yourself dates which you can easily do by including them in your diet for instance you can have date milk shakes, add them in your breakfast cereals etc.

5 ways to ease period pain

Pomegranate Juice

If you have not noticed pain comes with irregular periods too and to make your periods regular you must have a cup of pomegranate juice or either eats it on daily bases. Pomegranate is a best source to detoxify body which makes it a powerful antioxidant.  Which also helps in regulating body functions including making periods regular.

This way you do not have to see your doctor and avoid medicines.  I suggest be a friend of nature following simple home remedies with zero side effects. Get your confidence back by easing period pain.

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