7 Most Gorgeous Wedding Dresses to Wear


Wedding dresses are special there are beautiful memories, emotional attachment with the wedding dress. It’s a dream dress and every bride wants it to be like a princess on her very special day. The wedding dress is a reminder and a good luck charm as well, a new beginning in bride’s life.

From centuries wedding dresses are specially designed using different kinds of exquisite fabric and materials depending on the culture.  The fact cannot be changed that wedding dresses are specially designed. Because when a bride enters everyone wants to see how the bride looks like. All eyes are set on her, the makeup, the accessories and her wedding dress everything has to be outstanding.

Today the designer wedding dresses are much loved and they are specially designed. Not only the designers display their work on the runways, their dresses are featured on magazine covers, even music videos, movies and reality shows. Although there are many ways to promote the designer wears however one thing cannot be ignored that the most gorgeous dresses are always the center of attraction.

Today we have selected some of the most gorgeous wedding dresses to wear on your wedding.

Elie Saab

elie saab



elie saab.jpg 2

Vera Wang

vera vang

Zuhair Murad

zuhair murad


Frida Xhoi




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