7 Signs you are over thinking

7 Signs you are over thinking

Being workaholic is somewhat connected with over thinking if too many people say you are over thinking including your friends and family then it means they care about you and they are saying the truth.

It’s not Embarrassing

Don’t consider it embarrassing if someone close to you say that you are over thinking.  They are just saying to make you cut the obsession about something which leads to over thinking.

Over thinking cause can be any and it becomes a very bad habit if you just keep avoiding what others are saying about you.

Here are a few points which will make you understand well about your habit of over thinking.

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1-Keep Repeating same thing

This is the first and prominent sign, if you have done something it can either be a task or anything and you keep repeating about it or your future planning to yourself also when setting with your friends it means you are over thinking. Some people have a habit of keep repeating one thing over and over again in front of others and even when they are alone.  So if you do this then give yourself a break.

2-Your obsessive Behaviour toward something

If you ask someone to do something for you and you keep reminding them even if you know they will do it for you then this also means you are in a hurry and sometimes means you are over thinking.

3-You Care less about yourself

If all you can think of other and your work only it means you are neglecting yourself, it also means you are over thinking about other tasks and neglecting yourself.

4-If you are a control freak

Yes, that’s right if your friends call you a control freak and you are only one of them then it also means you are over thinking.

5-If you feel you are the only one left out

Sometimes such thoughts are ok to accept but if all the time you complain and even with your friends and family you talk this all the time then it means you are only thinking about yourself and that is selfishness and over thinking.  Always remember every one has difficult times and has past and you are not the only one so cut it out already.

6-If you say your past can be like this all the time

Wishing is ok everyone has a right to speak its mind and wish for better things however if you are always talking about improving past and say that it should not be like this and that in the past then it’s wrong. You can’t change your past however you can live in present and change your future already.

7-If you think you have many diseases all at once

If you are being too sensitive when you are not like this and assume that you have many diseases and make stories in your mind without thinking straight.  Even if your doctor says you are perfectly fine and all your reports are ok and you have no illness then still if you think that you have illness then you are over thinking.

Next time  I will tell you how to overcome this habit. So stay tuned.

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