7 Ways to MODEL’S Behaviour


We are living in a world of fashion and glamour perhaps this is the only thing which has the most materialistic power to attract. Not only the beauty it attracts, the designer clothes, the fashion trends, stars, famous people the fashion shows has the power. It’s just like a vacuum that sucks in all the cream and most delicious topping of the world.   Well that is totally honest of me.

For an ordinary person who wants to look like models there are 7 simple things to follow if you really want to look like models in other words 7 ways to model’s behaviour are pretty simple.  Since we all want to look beautiful and gorgeous like models on the magazine covers like those in editorials and fashion campaigns.

Some of us having a total wrong impression that to look like models you have to have branded clothes and accessories which is not always the case. To looks like them you have to be unique.  No matter what ever the theme is models always adapt that attire not only they mould themselves accordingly they look great in whatever they wear.  Here are the 7 ways to model’s behaviour.

-Be Stylish

You need to be stylish no matter what. I asked this question from a model is it important to have a style and the model was like don’t they have a style?  As long as you are stylish you can carry yourself beautifully. This is perhaps every model’s secret.   To be stylish is the key.

-Take Care of your Skin

Don’t forget your skin, use skin care products too.  Models yes they do use skin care products. Each one of us has different type of skin but skincare is a must if you want to look beautiful.  Models keep switching their skin care products too and yes they have favourites too.

-Plan your Diet, Eat Healthy

Models drink a lot of water, juices, fruits, pasta it’s all about everything healthy. Most of them do not admit but yes they do take care.  After all, if you want to walk on the ramp you have to be fit no matter what.

-Learn from Cat Walks

Models walk on ramp even with the highest heels.  They have a specific way of walking more like they have their own style of walking. You can practice while watching fashion shows too.

-Makeup can do Wonders

Don’t forget that makeup can entirely change your look, you can always wear light natural makeup and use concealers too hide your imperfections.

-Try to be Creative

Not only this goes with that but sometimes it’s good to be creative. If you even use your old fashion accessories and old stuff and mix and match with the new ones it would be great.  See in the street fashion section of various magazines you will learn a lot.

-Don’t be too Selfish

Well honestly speaking, when you live and grow in such a materialistic environment although it’s pretty and perfect in many ways the mind gets lost in it and somehow the race never stops and everyone wants to be number 1 no matter what.  It’s a mindset some minds develop and they automatically start think they are number 1 since it’s all about the confidence but do not forget this is an illusion.   Everyone is special and you don’t have to compare yourself with the other and you know what no 1 do not exists. It’s just most in demand.  In other words this is an obvious and expected model’s behaviour which can be changed.

If you want to be a star you don’t have to be selfish!


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