8 Facts you don’t know about Kim Jae Joong

8 Facts you don’t know about Kim Jae Joong


If you are into K-Pop (Korean Pop Culture) you definitely know about Kim Jae-Joong. He is known as the Prince of Korean pop.  Not only he has a great number of fans following in Korean, he also has a great number of fans in other Asian countries, USA, Europe and Middle East.

There are a number of reasons behind his popularity; a multi-talented star has super stardom. Not only his acting is good he is a great singer and has performed on multiple concerts worldwide.

Great looks, great singing and acting skills this guy have nailed everything.  There are still some facts unknown about Kim Jae-Joong, mostly people do not know him very well.  As we all just know him as a star and if you see him as a person he is a normal human being with great qualities.

Most of his fans know a-lot about him however you guys still have not notice some things about him.  So let’s talk about those facts.

1) He is shy


Although he is a super star but when it comes to his personal relationship status he is a bit shy and don’t talk much about it.  Also when during fan meetings he gives a shy cute smile in- front of cameras.   This is probably his sensitive side.

2) He loves cooking and has great cooking skills


His fans probably know that he loves cooking but they do not know that he has great cooking skills.  In his video when he showed apartment for the first time to his fans he also showed his fridge and kitchen cabinet where there was a variety of different spices including Japanese and others.    This showed his cooking devotion.

3) He Loves Spicy food

spicy food

If you do not know he loves spicy food, in a video where he showed his house for the first time he also mentioned that he loves spicy food and also loves trying out different spices.  Also he loves using Kimchi when making different types of food.

4) His House is not very tidy

When showing his apartment video for the first time, Where the cameras were everywhere, things were not well arranged and not in order. We understand that he is a super star however tidy is not definitely his thing when referring to his house.


5) He is very funny


You have noticed that whenever he is on camera or off camera he is always smiling with his fans and sometimes makes good jokes and cute gestures to please everyone.

6) He has Mysterious Eyes


Well this is something only his thing, his eyes are confident and sometimes if you have noticed he talk with his eyes incredible isn’t it.     His eyes reflect his purity and also his genuine feelings no doubt he has sparkling eyes.

7) His Real Life Story is just a Movie

If you do not know Kim Jae-Joong was adopted before he joined k-pop by a couple who had 8 daughters so Kim Jae –joong has 8 older sisters.   He has two families, although he knows his biological mother but he still does not know his biological father.

8) He is very stylish

source: kdramastars.com

Although k-pop starts have great stylist to style them, but we believe Kim Jae-Joong has good taste when it comes to dressing.  Even on airports and on random events he is super stylish.

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