Are Models/Celebrities Beautiful or just Photogenic?


Waking up in the morning grabbing a cup of coffee along with the newspaper and turning on to the page-3 news where there is all the glamour, gossip and glitters is what the first thing we all mostly do in the morning. Staring a day providing eye treats and amusing news therapy to our brain is what we like mostly especially the young ones, teenagers really want to look like models, celebs.  If you have ever noticed the famous people regardless the reason of their being famous this way or another are related to the world of fashion and showbiz.

These days social media sensations are grabbing more attention than the usually famous people we know. Even the brands are hiring them (social media sensations) as their brand ambassadors.  Social media sensations have a surprisingly great number of fans/audience following and they became the idols of their fans.

But when we are specifically talking about the fashion magazines and all, although many of us know that the  pictures are even edited and still the person (model ) on the magazine covers looks so captivating especially the person on it we can’t stop looking.   It is why because human nature is we are attracted to beauty no matter what.  If the end result is beautiful like who cares right?

Speaking of which, being beautiful and photogenic or loved by the camera are entirely two different things. I remember attending a wedding recently and when the pictures came out I can’t help it noticed that some people appear to be so amazing either they were not looking that attractive just by the looks and some people although were looking super gorgeous they appeared to be different in the pictures. So what is this difference? Is there something wrong with the camera or the equipment or what I mean my eyes are perfectly alright? Not only then it happened so many times that I decided to share with dear readers that hell yes there is a great difference between being loved by our bare eyes and loved by camera only.

It’s not a matter of questioning someone’s beauty or not but this is something worth sharing of. Also we humans have a greater tendency if we try to mold ourselves into something superior in a sense of making ourselves more gorgeous correcting our walking, sitting postures etc I mean just like a models we want to be like one and yes you can also become photogenic if you try too. I say what’s not impossible.  Technology has changed many things you can even enhanced your beauty if you want to so the thing is no one is ugly it’s just a thought more like a fear in all of us which continue haunting us no matter what we do, and out of this fear we do ridiculous things.

The short version is it’s not the products you use its how you mould yourself.  Exercise can do wonders for your body to have body like models there is no such medicine that can instantly make you gorgeous and pretty just by eating it.

Exercise, diet, learning the modeling technique so we are loved by the camera, adapting a certain style and knowing your inner beauty can make you absolutely photogenic and beautiful and that’s the key.  (Winked)



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