Bath and Body Works Best Scents-Top 10

Think of all the amazing scents which you could ever wish for and you will definitely think of bath and body works charismatic scents. No doubt, Bath and body works scents have a wide range of dreamy and heavenly scents.  These scents are close to many hearts as they have  fruity, flirty, romantic and exotic scents.

Not only they have amazing marketing strategies due to which they have amazing fan following and  not to deny the fact that their scents are no less than scents offered by other well known brands.

Do you know that Bath and body works is owned by Victoria Secret and surprisingly most of the people do not know that? Victoria Secret is a huge business empire and they have the most amazing marketing campaigns which they run throughout the year. Victoria Secret best smelling body mists are worth trying out.

Bath and body works offer almost all their products on deals such as buy 2 get one free and buy 3 get two free. Also they offer buy 3 get 3 free for limited time to boost up their sales.  Same is the case with Victoria secret campaigns they usually offer deals on their products.

Bath and body works has the most organized directory of fragrance where you can select and buy scents according to your taste.  When buying a product you can even check product ratings and reviews by customers. This helps you in buying the right product.

Here I have created a list of bath and body works best scents.

1) Be Enchanted

Get ready to be enchanted by bath and body works this amazing scent. By far this is one of the most loved flirty, girlish, warm scents by bath and body works. It’s a blend of exotic flirty feminine notes that no one regret wearing. Not over powering at all you will feel be enchanted wearing this one. Totally amazing and number one in my ratings.

2) Pink Chiffon

The most girlish scent of bath and body works is pink chiffon the reason being it’s more flowery and a bit fruity a very light delicate and sophisticated scent.  With the top notes of sparkling pear, peach nectar and wild berries.  A must buy you won’t regret buying this one either. Number two in my ratings.

3) Velvet sugar

With the top most tempting notes of wild strawberries, apple nectar, pear blossom and white nectarine velvet sugar is the most fruity and yummy scent offered by bath and body works. This scent guaranteed you compliments.  Number three in my ratings.

4) Sweet Pea

With the top notes of Sweet Pea, Watery Pear, Juicy Loganberry and Blackcurrant Sweet pea is heavenly scent.  Wearing this scent I smell myself summery and lovely.  Once you wear it you feel that it’s a mixture of floral and fruity scents and you feel more energetic once you wear it.  I highly recommend trying out this fragrance. Number 4 in my ratings.

bath and body works best scents

5) Cashmere Glow

This is truly an exotic scent by bath and body works with the top exotic notes of Bergamot, Golden Peach, Pink Guava, Exotic Berries and Gilded Apricot Cashmere glow will make you glow when you wear it.  Number 4 in my ratings.

6) Twilight Woods

Twilight woods remind you getting warm and cosy in winter this is a definetly one of the best scent of winters. A floral scent with the top notes of Juicy Berry, Sparkling Mandarin and Coconut either sounds juicy and fruity however this is a blend of more  sweet floral notes and less fruity notes.   A warm musky scent with vanilla and warm wood notes.

7) Paris Amour

I love French tulips do you? With the top notes of Sparkling Mandarin, Petite Strawberry, Cassis, Sparkling Pink Champagne, Apple Blossoms and Dewy Freesia Paris Amour is one of a kind floral scent which makes you feel you are on Paris streets smelling French tulips while riding a bike.

8) A Thousand Wishes

With the top notes of Sparkling Champagne, Twinkling Star Fruit, Golden Quince and the dry notes of Gilded Amber, Almond Crème, Sugared Sandalwood and  Velvet Musk.  A thousand wishes do smell like fruitier and less almond crème when you wear it. Absolutely adore wearing this scent.

9) A beautiful Day

Those who love fresh green apple scents like DKNY be delicious this one is fresh green apple too. If you love fruity, yummy, summer scents then you must try a beautiful day.  The smell is not at all over powering.

10) Warm Vanilla Sugar

Wish to smell like cookie here you go warm vanilla sugar is one of the yummiest scent of bath and body works only if you like vanilla scents. With the top notes of   Vanilla and White Orchid warm vanilla sugar is an absolute favorite scent.


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