Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea Hand Sanitizer Worth it or Not!

Bath and body works is an American bath and body, skincare brand. They sell amazing scented products at incredible rates throughout the year.

I am not very familiar with this brand as I do not live in America so I never happened to try their products and review them. This is my first time when I am writing a review about bath and body works product which is hand sanitizer.

Bath and body works sweet pea hand sanitizer:

When I first used sweet pea hand sanitizer I became obsessed with this delightful amazing scent which is neither over powering nor unpleasant.

How it Smell Like:

Sweet pea does scent like sweet pea which is a girlish delightful scent t which a girl wants to wear casually. It’s not a very classic scent or something which is extraordinary to me.

My Experience:

Bath and body sweet pea scented hand sanitizer did not make my hand drier which is a good thing. My hands scented yummy and every time I use it I felt happy.

sweet peasweet-pea


It has plastic packing, a cute little pocket size bottle which easy fits in pockets and bags without any leakage.

About Bath and Body Works:

You may have heard people saying bath and body works is a sister brand of Victoria secret which is absolutely right. The difference is Victoria secret  products have a quite a big range in-fact it’s a bigger brand however bath and body works only deals with bath and body, skin care products.

Bath and body works specializes in creating amazing scents  and their scented products are equally appreciated by tons of people especially their candles, body washes, lotions, bath soaks, hand sanitizers etc.

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