Best Body Wash Ever Soap and Glory Clean Girls Body Wash

So much for the Soap and Glory Clean on Me body wash which has soap and glory pink signature scent.  I decided to try two new body washes from soap and glory clean girls and foam call. Because I had good experience using clean on me the formula and scent is so perfect which lingers on your skin for a long time. Not only has the body washed itself I also bought its flake away scrub and righteous body butter which is totally amazing.   If you are planning to pamper yourself these are products which you must buy for a perfect relaxation bath.

It’s funny how soap and glory name their products.  The product names are joyful and I love their packing which is mostly in pink cute color.

All the body washes have different scents, the formula and color of the product is also different.  Soap and glory scents are not at all over powering however I never found my elf feed up from all these amazing scents.

Soap and Glory other Scents:

Their signature pink scented products which I have already tried their other scents are

1) Mist you madly

2) Fruitigo scent

3) Sugar crush

4) Orangeasm

5) Smoothie star

Clean girls body wash has mist you madly scent and believe me the scent is totally amazing and totally different then their signature pink scent.

Clean Girls Body Wash
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How clean on me Smells like:

This is scent will make you good enough to eat. It has notes of vanilla musk, Freesia, Magnolia, Bergamot and Blackcurrant.

When I first sniff it I was like it’s nothing I have smell before something touched my heart. This scent is close to my heart and now has become my signature scent.

When using clean girls I not only feel so clean I want to use this scent each time it’s lotion especially which I am sure is going to be great.

Clean girls lathers up really nice just one pump is enough for me when I use it with soap and glory loofah which is by the way made in China.

Some people say 2 to 3 pumps are enough which is probably when you use it without loofah.  I suggest you use this product with loofah. This way it won’t waste at all. Sure you do not want to waste such beautiful scented body wash.

The packing is excellent it won’t leak or anything. You can even take it with you while travelling despite of the fact this product is also available in travel size.  The 500ml bottle fits perfectly in my travel bag.

It’s a really good bargain not at all expensive as it contains 500ml and I bought it on 3 to 2 cheapest free offer on boots.

The best place to buy it from Boots.

So would I buy it again definitely yes I will and would like to give it 5 rating out of 5.


The product is not available in local market only at Sephora stores and boots. You need to import this product if it’s not available in your area.



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