Best Citrus Body Washes to Try –Top 8

I am kind of obsessed with body washes especially citrusy, fruity ones something that gives me a clean fresh and invigorating feeling yet moisturising. I prefer body washes that are affordable and of good quality. Good quality means good formula, mostly organic ingredients used, moisturising and which must be sulphates, parabens free. I know such body washes are difficult to find within the budget but not impossible. Here I have a selection of high quality best citrus body washes to try especially in summers to give you a refreshing, clean and citrusy feeling.

best citrus body washes

1-Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash:   

One of the best seller’s products of soap and glory is their amazing sugar crush body wash.  It has yummy ingredients lemons, sweet vanilla musk and coconut oil.  It has a fresh tropical twist to it that makes it best ever citrus body wash.

The manufacturers have used some of the top quality ingredients that are hardly seen in any budgeted body wash for instance you can see they have added COOLCAPSULE™X which is meant to cool and refresh all the body senses instantly it also has Kiwi water juice for body radiance boosting also infused with M-SUDS another incredible moisture boosting base which makes it number 1 in my ratings.

2-The Body Shop Satsuma Body Wash:

This citrusy body wash takes you to the Mediterranean coast.  This has the best citrus body wash smell ever as it has zest lemon, grapefruit, Satsuma fragrance that takes you to the sea shores and reminds me of a zesty summer ahhh that’s Amazing. It is formulated without parabens and sulphates. I have used its body butter and its one of the best citrus smell I have ever tried.

The scent keeps you awake throughout the day however the only drawback I see it smell won’t last for long but you can make it last longer by using its body butter and fragrance after a bath number 2 worth buying.

3-WHOOSH shower jelly by Lush Cosmetics:

Well this is shower jelly the reason of its creation is to use it early morning to awaken all the senses. It s written on the product  that It’s a triple-citrus wobbly wash that gives you squeaky clean feeling its infused with fresh lemon, grapefruit juices and lime. Plus point is they have used rosemary and geranium to relax body muscles.

This citrus body wash is best to use in the morning if you ask me best to use in summers. This shower jelly is made with organic ingredients and you can use it any time in summers to awaken your senses with it also its easy to carry along.

A bit pricey though that’s the only drawback and you can use it for only 7 times maximum as this product won’t last for long and I can’t say that a little goes a long way because even if you use it little it’s in jelly form and if you cut it in to pieces you can’t get it enough.

It’s tempting to use this shower jelly because of its good results with good organic ingredients and also it’s handmade. If you want a luxury bath once in a week then I recommend this otherwise not as it’s not a budged citrus body wash but still you can buy because unlike high end body washes it won’t cost you 50 dollars number 3 worth buying.


4-Burtsbees Extra Energizing Citrus & Ginger Body Wash:

The best thing about this body wash is its refreshing smell and only a little quantity is enough here I can say little goes a long way. It has essential citrus oils and ginger root extracts which uplifts the mood in the morning and which is the plus point it’s very moisturising.  It also has sweet orange scent so you can enjoy bathing to its fullest number 4 worth buying.


5-Bath and Body White Citrus Body Wash:

It’s one of the best citrus body wash super moisturising enriched with aloe Vera, Shea butter and vitamin E. So refreshing lemon zest, grapefruit Tangerine smells with the top notes infused with water lily takes you to the sandy beach where you can enjoy summer to its fullest. The only drawback the scent won’t last longer number 5 worth trying.


6-Neutrogena Body Wash Pink Grapefruit:

Neutrogena products are widely known for their best results it is believed that it has different results on different skin types however it is one of the best budgeted skin care brand.

They don’t have a range of body washes however a few only and their Pink grapefruit body wash has the ingredients to stop acne and make skin clearer and beautiful infused with salicylic acid which is meant for oily skin type to control excessive oil.

This is because it designed to control breakouts, from back, shoulders and chest without any pain.  It’s oil free but won’t dry out your skin.  Infused with vitamin C as it has grapefruit which smells amazing number 6 worth buying.

7-Aveeno Active Naturals Calming Body Wash

Aveeno natural body washes are worth trying. Its lemon grass body wash infused with calming ylang-ylang and lavender is worth trying. It has essential oils, soap free formula that is best for sensitive skin. It formulated to balance PH levels. One of the best citrus body wash to try out number 7 worth buying.

8-St. Ives Energizing Citrus Body Wash

I really am a great fan of St. Ives scrubs they leave my skin super soft, clean, and moisturising and gives a glow to my skin leaving behind all dead skin cells. When it comes to their body washes I can say they are good however not that moisturising yet they smell amazing as long as the smell is there as their smell won’t last long.

It’s a good budgeted and yet one of the best citrus body wash to try that is super cheap. Its key ingredients are lemon peel and 100 percent natural glycerine is used in the making not much ingredients used number 7 worth buying.

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