Best DIY Face Pack for Glowing Skin – Ubtan

Asian skin has a greater tendency to maintain its youthfulness even in the harsh climate. Summers are usually longer and quite harsh too in Asian countries and depending on that, Asian beauties make face packs that are slightly different and are in accordance with their climate.

Who doesn’t want to have glowing skin with the help of best DIY face pack for glowing skin? When it comes to skincare regimen we all rush to saloons and spas for the best treatments but what if you get that treatment at home. You probably be thinking how to get such face pack. Well that’s simple now you can make best DIY face pack for glowing skin at home with ease.

Ubtan is one of the most famous of all face packs it’s not only use as a face pack but also used as a body mask especially for the Asians bride to be.  There are many ways to make ubtan depending on the ingredients available in the region. Ubtan is a traditional mask and people use different methods to prepare it.

I use simple ingredients which my mom told me and her mother told her. So you can say it’s traditional and works very well.

The products you need:

-dried orange peel powder that you can make when peeling oranges and placing them under sun until they dried out completely.  After that you can make its powder using a good machine. If you can’t make it you can always buy orange peel powder from the market.  Wait the powder is not ready yet you need to add some chickpea powder and turmeric powder in orange peel powder as well.

chickpea powder, turmeric powder and orange peel powder mix them in a bottle.



Here is the ratio:

Half cup orange peel powder, 4 table spoon chickpea powder (gram flour), 1 table spoon turmeric powder. This can be stored in a bottle and when you want to make face pack then take about 2 table spoons and mix it with the ingredients in the ratio shown below.

– Organic honey 1 table spoon

-Raw milk 2 table spoon

-Rose water 1 tea spoon

below you can see organic honey.


In the above picture you can see rose water I bought it from the market.

Prepare Best DIY face Pack for Glowing Skin

  1. First of all mix all the powders in the given ratio above kindly note that you don’t have to disturbed the above ratio as if you use turmeric powder more you won’t be able to get the desired results.  Similarly with the other products as well.
  2. Now take a clean bowl and add almost two or three table spoons of mix powder in that bowl. Depending on how much you need.
  3. Add some organic honey note that if you add honey that is not organic or processed in any ways you won’t be able to get good results
  4. Rose water you can either make your own or buy it from the market if you desire.
  5. Similarly add some raw milk instead of boiled milk or milk available in the packet.
  6. Mix all these ingredients very well until you get a smooth paste like shown in the picture.
  7. Now you have to prepare best DIY face pack for glowing skin within mintues.
  8. Apply this face pack for 10 mintues don’t wait for it to dry out completely.
  9. Wash you face with Luke warm water and tap your face with neat and clean towel.
  10. Kindly note for best results apply this mask after your skincare regimen then you will be able to see visible glow on your face.
  11. Try this face pack for at least twice a week for best results.

ubtan_mixing  ubtan_ready

best face pack for glowing skin


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