Best DIY Facial Toners for all Skin Types

Best DIY facial toners

I am always in favour of home remedies as they are quite effective and they don’t have any sort of side effects. The ingredients you can find in your kitchen cabinet or fridge are not at all expensive and easily available in the market.

Ever wonder we apply thousands of  skin care  products and the stress of looking beautiful and perfect is too much that we have forgotten to live happy in our lives. One product after another and if it won’t work we lose hope rush to skin specialist who recommend us another product.

Why people rushing to Spas these days the reason is they use natural ingredients that are always effective and long lasting.

Here I would like to recommend some very effective DIY facial toners that can do wonders for your skin. Not only use in spas but these ingredients are use for thousands of years by ancient beautiful women legends.

1-Rose water and Glycerine

The amazing facial toner helps in tighten skin and makes it firmer and glowing naturally. You can either make your own rose water at home or buy it from the market where it is available easily. Rose water helps in maintaining skin PH levels removes dark spots especially acne scars and even out skin tone also rose smell refreshes all the sense and helps in removing facial and body stress so basically the rose does the aroma therapy and that is very healthy.

Glycerine has many benefits it helps in tighten skin, makes it firmer that ultimately helps in improving skin texture, strengthen collagen, removes skin wrinkles and ultimately gives a youthful look. You can also use this facial toner on other body parts where you think you need to use it. You can add ¼ portion of glycerine in rose water keep this ratio and if you are living in warm region store it in fridge.

Use this facial toner after cleansing and exfoliating your skin for best results. Add this toner in your daily skincare routine.

2-Cucumber Juice:

Cucumber is known for cooling properties. It has lots of juice in it and if eating along with other vegetable it helps in improving skin texture and provides skin elasticity. Why cucumber is used as a facial toner because it helps in removing dark spots, minimizes skin pores, removes oil and dirt, and makes your skin softer and glowing. People use cucumber with honey as a mask that helps in getting a youthful look and stops blemishes and other skin issues.

Peel a few cucumbers, take their juice and use it as facial toner with cotton pads for best results stores it in cool place.

3-Rice water

Soak half cup rice in water for few minutes after cleaning them and then use its water as facial toner. It helps in lighten skin tone, removes dark spots, its high in skin antioxidants, tighten skin pores, removes age signs, help damaged skin. Rice water helps a lot in giving you healthy and shiny hair.

You can store rice water in a bottle and use cotton pads to apply on face also store it in cool place.

4-Aloe Vera Gel

Take some aloe Vera gel and pour it in a bottle then add a few ice cubes and apply this amazing facial toner on your skin. Aloe Vera has so many benefits that I can’t stop writing about it. Its a perfect sun blocker, you can protect your skin easily from sun damaging with aloe Vera if you are planning to go out and all out of your SPF then Aloe  Vera can be used if you believe in home remedies then aloe Vera can do wonders for your skin.

Brands are earning thousands of dollars each day by selling aloe Vera products so you can imagine its benefits. As a toner how it can be effective? Helps in breakouts, insect bites, prevent damages cells, age’s spots, all kind of skin diseases and infections, kills germs on skin and treats many health issues very well.

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