Brant Brothers Vs Prince Williams & Prince Harry who Wore the Fauntleroy’s Title the Best?


Everyone wants to be recognized for who they are on the bases of their abilities and talent they want to set up an example to the world so the world would know them and remember them for their great work/deeds.  But when you are an heir to a rich powerful family or a royal  blood the world’s eyes keeps you watching constantly , it’s because they have greater expectations and they want to see something unique as an heir who can continue the legacy or not.

Brant Brothers:

Harry Brant 18, and Peter Brant II 22 years socialist sons of Peter M. Brant billionaire business man, industrialist and Super model Stephanie Seymour.  Were titled as the young princes of New York City not only this they were even known as the luckiest teenagers. The charisma of Brant bothers on the people of New York is still the same.  Both are also related to fashion, showbiz and modeling industry being  sons of super model and wealthiest industrialist plus living a luxurious life is beyond anyone real imagination. It’s more like a dream come true.

They have the American style very much liked by the socialist however but not so much buzz in the teens circles these days , despite of a recent incident occurred on Thursday at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport well things like that happen and when you are rich who cares ? It’s ok with the image if you are not so popular well who knows who you are and what you are doing and where you come from. But when you are someone big enough either it’s because of the fame, family or wealth, there comes bigger responsibilities right?

Brant brothers are young and they are socialist which is a great thing to do when it comes to serve humanity. But the question is would that be enough?  Their milky glowing skin, sharp features, exquisite dressing is what makes them the Fauntleroy’s of New York City.

Prince William & Prince Harry:

Prince William Duke of Cambridge 33 years and Prince Harry of Wales 31 years both despite of their remarkable royal duties have an astounding military career. They both have so much achieved already despite of their royal tag.  Only if you can image how hard is the military training alone, and if you are a royalty yet you wish to serve your country by joining military is something can never be forgotten or ignored.   Yet they are in their 30’s but they have set an example. For that reason, they have quite a large number of fans and people knowing them for their work and their services.  They are the true Fauntleroy’s and genuine role models.

Saying and being practical in life are two different things, if you really want to achieve something in life you need to keep on moving and put yourself in hard training. Forget your credits, debit cards your money and focus on goals only you can still make your family/ loved ones and fans proud.



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