BTS (Blood Sweat & Tears) 피 땀 눈물 Breaking Records! 20 millions Views


BTS( Kpop band) has just released their comeback video Blood, Sweat and Tears. The video is already setting up new records. It reached 10 million views in just 41-42 hours of its release with no signs of slowing down the video has reached 18,352,176  views until now and the next target is 20 millions views. It’s not just like BTS have loyal fans worldwide, the song the lyrics, direction and everything even the styling is out class.


Such a great response just within a few hours of its release the BTS band members decided to watch their own video for the first time. It was quite exciting how they all reacted to their own  performances which they remarked as Daebak (Awesome in Korean), cool, wow and Sexy!


The whole video can be watched online but here are a few most amazing remarks we would like to share.


Suga: Said it was (Jimin did all this time, and then Jimin said what are you even saying, hyung)

J: this was just jimin’s song this time, V: Hey no this was Hoseok hyung’s song, JH: Nah it was everyone’s song, BTS all shouted Wow at the ending of the video.


The chocolatey, romantic sweetness of lyrics and the rhythm of the music will lead you to a whole new world, it’s really that amazing and probably the main reason of so many hits.

The song starts with Jimin Singing ‘’my blood, sweat and tears my last dance, takes it all’’ followed by Jungkook ‘my blood, sweat and tears, my cold breath.’’ And so on…  Even if you don’t know Korean you can still enjoy the song and the lyrics as well it’s really good.



Jin wearing Miu Miu shirt while looking at Pieter Bruegel the Elder oil  painting (1562 painting year) which is actually located at the Royal Museum of fine arts of Belgium Brussels. The painting is actually titled (The Fall of the Rebel Angels).  If you watch the full video you will notice the title of the picture and the video has so many things in common for instance the lyrics first of all.

All BTS members were looking like Rebel Angels all set to kill their lovers with the sweetness of romance now that’s really romantic.The high class dressing of all members the theme is perfectly matching the whole concept here, Bravo to the team BTS!




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