Carl Chaze: Good Looking & Talented New Singer


The world of entertainment is full of surprises each day we see new faces and new talent. However the ones having unique skills can only make a real difference also because of the tough competition you can only survive if you have something different to show something which can steal the heart right away.

Reality shows are a greater source to explore new talent also these days via social media if you consider yourself talented enough you can easily introduce yourself to the world and make hundred and thousands of fans and off coarse the number fans can always exceed.

Carl Chaze 20 year’s old singer is one of those talented young people who introduced themselves via social media. Carl is a French Canadian singer not to forget that Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes are also Canadian singers.  Though many people do not know about Carl Chaze he first introduced himself on June 8, 2014.  His two singles ‘’Next to me‘’ & ‘’What are my chances’’ are attracting too many fans on social media. The best about Carl is his attractive personality he is very handsome plus he has a good voice. Only on Instagram he has 890k followers and if you see the comments, his fans are really crazy about him especially the young girls.

Luckily we got a chance to interview Carl to know a little more about him.

Carl is currently represented by 5on4 Records.  He is also working on his new single these days.



Glamour Infusion: Carl hello and welcome to Glamour Infusion first tell us where you have born and breed?     

Carl Chaze:  Montreal, Quebec, Canada


 Glamour Infusion: Do you have siblings? You’re most memorable childhood memory?  

Carl Chaze: I have an older brother. My most memorable childhood memory would be the life I had before leaving my hometown of St-Liboire. Me and my friends were always going on adventures.


 Glamour Infusion:  What is the most important thing for a singer to understand?

Carl Chaze: That it really takes a lot of hard work. You must practice for hours and hours if you want to get better.


CarlChaze is a talented and very good looking singer what do you think ? Are you his fan Already!


Glamour Infusion: You have good voice have you ever learnt singing? 

Carl Chaze: I taught myself and for years I have been singing on my own, but before going into the studio I decided to take vocal training with a professional in order to prepare myself.


Glamour Infusion: If you are on a world tour which cities in the world would you like to visit?  And the artists you might want to share stage with ?     

Carl Chaze: I would love to visit Honolulu Hawaii one day! It would be amazing to share the stage with Ariana Grande, and Chris Brown.


Glamour Infusion: People who inspires you the most in your life?

Carl Chaze: My family and my friends!


CarlChaze Official Instagram: With his Family


Glamour Infusion:  Life is about? 

Carl Chaze: For me life is about working hard towards your goals but enjoying the journey and have fun doing it.


CarlChaze Official Instagram: Wow he  Loves football !

Glamour Infusion:   How much time you spend interacting with fans?  And what questions your fans usually ask you and request you? 

Carl Chaze: I interact with my fans every day whether it’s on Instagram, doing a YouNow broadcast, Twitter, etc. When I’m on YouNow, many fans want me to sing to them!


 Glamour Infusion: Your best buddies? Whom you often love to hang around with?

Carl Chaze: I have a couple of close friends in Montreal that I like to spend my free time with! I also try to visit my friends in Los Angeles, Miami, and Toronto whenever I get the chance.


Glamour Infusion: Luck or hard work, which you mostly believe in?    

Carl Chaze: I believe if you work hard, some good luck will follow!


Glamour Infusion: You’re most precious possession while you are on tours? (Mobile phone, guitar etc)        

Carl Chaze: Haha for me it has to be my iPhone – I’m in an industry where I always have to be connected:)


Glamour Infusion:  You have got good looks do you plan to start modeling and acting soon?

Carl Chaze: I have definitely considered it; I’m exploring all my options in order to find the best modeling agency for me; but yes it would be awesome!


CarlChaze Official Instagram: Ready for Modeling !


Glamour Infusion:  Name any 5 best things about you and 3 of your bad habits that you wish to change?

Carl Chaze: Best : patient, nice, open-minded, hard-working, passionate   Worst: I don’t think it’s good to think negatively of yourself ?


Glamour Infusion:  Artists you wish to collaborate in future?

Carl ChazeAriana Grande and Chris Brown


Glamour Infusion:     Rapid fire questions:

Carl Chaze:

-facebook, twitter, instagram or snap chat? Instagram

-sea or desert? Sea

-spice or sweet? Sweet

-fire or water? Water

-fiction or reality? Reality

-horror or rom-com? Rom-com

– Nice or super nice? Super nice

-drama or natural? Natural

-Armani or Tom Ford? Armani   

-Ferrari or Lamborghini? Ferrari



 Glamour Infusion:  Tell us something about your upcoming projects?

Carl Chaze: I’m working on my debut EP – there are currently 2 songs that are out now “Next to Me” and “What Are My Chances” – I work with a great team and great producers, and I’m very excited to be able to share this music with the world!


Glamour Infusion: What’s your dream?

Carl Chaze: To take my career as far as it could possibly go and make people happy all over the world!


Glamour Infusion: Are you the type making a lot of friends or keeping few close friends? 

Carl Chaze: I definitely think it’s important to have a few close friends in your circle, people that you can really trust.


Glamour Infusion: Carl you have a lot of female fans and I am sure they really looking forward to this answer. What qualities you might be looking in your future partner (wife to be)?  

Carl Chaze: A lot of my fans are females yes! I’d want them to be comfortable in their own skin, able to laugh and have a good time with me while just being themselves, and of course I really hope they like to watch movies!


CarlChaze Official Instagram: When you know you are too Handsome! ?


Glamour Infusion: If there any welfare work you want to do to help deserving people a hope you want to give to this world what that could be?   

Carl Chaze: There are a lot of different causes close to my heart but I think volunteering and helping people in the community less fortunate than you is a very fulfilling thing to do.


Glamour Infusion: What advice would you like to give to the struggling young people?

Carl Chaze: It’s never a bad life, only a bad day… there is always light at the end of the tunnel.


Glamour Infusion: Thank you for your time and we really enjoyed interviewing you and we wish you all the very best in your upcoming projects. Hope to interview you again soon.  Keep us updated!

Carl Chaze: Thank you, it was my pleasure!


No doubt, the world wants to admire the looks and want to hear good music, eyes want to see good things and ears want to hear good voice. We want to say that Carl Chaze has a voice which can melt many hearts and the look has the ability to steal your heart right away.

He is A Dream of Many …!





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