Carmine Padula: A Brilliant Young Italian Pianist

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Humans can express their emotions in many different ways, for instance a human being can be an artist where his paintings depicts its emotions and one can explore the world of emotions just by looking at the paintings, similarly a poet can describe the beauty of its emotions with the help of poetry where he or she writes down its feelings on a mere piece of paper.  Where physically existing things become alive just with the touch of our hands it’s no less than a magic.  Of all these existing things music is something quite different it’s the sense of sound that has a deep impression directly on our hearts, it’s like rather we like it or we don’t like it.

Some musicians are of great calibre and because of their distinctive music they are so much liked or loved. Today we have the honour to talk with such a brilliant young Italian pianist Carmine Padula. Many articles have been published in the Italian newspaper about him most of you may know him because of his presence in the world of music.



Glamour Infusion: Carmine Welcome to Glamour Infusion it’s been an honor
to have you with us today.
Carmine Padula:
I’m so happy to have this interview with you!

Glamour Infusion: What’s your most memorial childhood memory?
Carmine Padula:
The first time I put my hands on a piano … I felt an indescribable feeling!


Glamour Infusion: When you first realize that you should be a pianist?
Carmine Padula:
In a specific moment I realized that the only thing that makes me feel good is playing the piano!

Glamour Infusion: What is your dream project?
Carmine Padula:
I’m already doing it … stay tuned!

Glamour Infusion: Tell us something about your family and home town? How
many siblings you have?
Carmine Padula:
I live in a small city but we are all friends. My father died when I was 13 and I have a sister.


Glamour Infusion: When you are not playing piano what you like to do I
mean what are your hobbies?
Carmine Padula:
I really like going to the gym, riding and practicing oriental arts like yoga.

Glamour Infusion: On your website there is a picture of Wolfgang Amadeus
Mozart, does it means that you are more into classical music rather than
the modern music? What is your opinion on this?
Carmine Padula:
I love Mozart and classical a lot but my music has a classical base and also a lot of modern, because I believe that every age has its own music.


Glamour Infusion: Do you call yourself classical or a modern musician?
And what are your classical and modern idols?
Carmine Padula:
I call myself a neo-classical musician, I love Ludovico Einaudi and Frederich Chopin.

Glamour Infusion: What are your inspirations while you are composing
Carmine Padula:
I let myself be inspired by nature, by noble feelings such as love or friendship.

Glamour Infusion: Do you think that friends are important in life, how
many close friends you have a few good friends or many friends?
Carmine Padula:
I believe a lot in friendship because it is a feeling without interests, but I think I have not met this type of relationship yet.

Glamour Infusion: What is the most beautiful thing about life?
Carmine Padula:
The great love I feel for my mother.

Glamour Infusion: If you have to describe your personality in 10 words
how would you describe yourself?
Carmine Padula:
Sensitive, romantic, passionate, (too) good, deep, extroverted (with few), humble (the right part), dreamer (perhaps too ahahaha), night owl and determined.

Glamour Infusion: Do you more consider music as a profession or you can
do it even if you were not professional musician how much it’s
important to you?
Carmine Padula:
I believe that music has more functions, from the playful to the professional. I do not like to think of music as a job, because I would do it for free but now it’s becoming for me!


Glamour Infusion: From all of your compositions which are you’re most
favourite composition?
Carmine Padula:
Definitely Dont’ Forget and Aura!

Glamour Infusion: You are only 17 years old where you see yourself in the
next five years?
Carmine Padula:
I see myself around the world playing my music!

Glamour Infusion: What are the top 5 qualities of a true musician in
your opinion?
Carmine Padula.
A good musician must be humble, romantic, dreamer, sensitive and with music in the heart.

Glamour Infusion: Carmine you have just released your new album it got
first place in iTunes, what expectations you are getting from this album
are you satisfied?
Carmine Padula:
I am very satisfied, I have achieved results that I would never have believed to reach!

Glamour Infusion: Are you a good cook, what is your most favourite
Italian food and which is the best local restaurant you always want to
Carmine Padula:
I am a modest cook, as a good Italian I love pizza and pasta but my biggest love is ” Nutella ”, a cream of hazelnuts only Italian.


Glamour Infusion: The toughest experiences of your life and what have
you learned from it?
Carmine Padula:
Certainly the death of my father has troubled me a lot, but at the same time made me mature quickly.


Glamour Infusion: Luck or hard work, which you mostly believe in?
Carmine Padula:
I believe they both want us!

Glamour Infusion: People who inspires you the most in life?
Carmine Padula: 
I am a follower of the spiritual teachers Osho and Paramhansa Yogananda.

Glamour Infusion: How you usually respond to critics?
Carmine Padula:
I sincerely read only the constructive ones, I do not dedicate my time to the others.

Glamour Infusion: Do you believe in true love or you think it’s just a
Carmine Padula:
Of course I believe in true love and I will wait to find it!

Glamour Infusion: You have a really amazing personality and I believe
you have a lot of fan following especially girls. What qualities you
might be looking in your future partner (wife to be)?
Carmine Padula:
I am very pleased to be appreciated by a female audience both musically and aesthetically! I would like a wife who loves Carmine and not ‘’The Maestro ” … I hope to find her!

Glamour Infusion: Glamour Infusion: If there any welfare work you wish
to do to help deserving people a hope you want to give to this world
what that could be ?
Carmine Padula: 
Of course, I am a testimonial of various associations that help different disadvantaged people and I am honored by that!

Glamour Infusion: What advice would you like to give to the struggling
Carmine Padula:
Sooner or later the moment you expect so much will come … just be careful not to lose it!

Glamour Infusion: Thank you for your time and we really enjoyed
interviewing you. Hope to interview you again soon. Keep us updated!
Carmine Padula:
I had a lot of fun too! Of course I will come back to see you soon! Greetings to all readers and Hugs, Carmine.




Music is not all about just any rhythm which is liked; rather it’s about that special rhythm that will take your hearts to the untouched levels of excitement and love. Carmine Padula is not just any musician that you must know, he is someone whose music has a special presence and rhythm that can be felt deep within the hearts.


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