Clean and Clear Morning Burst Detoxifying Facial Cleanser Review

Hi Lovely Ladies
The most important thing that we all desperately want is healthy, glowing and clean skin.  Oxygen is a key to skin survival in these scorching summers. Whether you belong to a region like Middle Eastern country or Asia where summers are long.   We need something to detoxify our skins to remove dead skin cells and make it breath.
I though why not detoxify my skin and share my thoughts about clean & clear morning burst detoxifying facial cleanser.
  My Verdict:
Clean & clear morning burst detoxifying facial cleanser is infused with oxygen and for that reason I really like it.  The product does what it say,s and it says that it won’t clog your pores. It gently removes all the dirt, oil and dead skin from the surface.
Leaves skin smooth, fresh, healthy and well detoxified after use and I agree with that. The transparent liquid formula has white and turquoise beads and when they burst it gives minty, cooling effect to your skin. That what is calling a proper skin detoxifying.
I have oily skin so oily that I use oil control products. Clean & clear morning burst detoxifying facial cleanser has oil free formula and that is plus point for me.
If you have oily skin and you expect it to deep clean and you want this product to make your skin pores small or cleaned like some other particular products of this company such as  Clean & Clear Deep Action Cleanser ( that really does a good job for oily skin type)   then forget it because the product does it what it says and won’t say that it makes pores small but I don’t agree with the fact that it is a very good deep cleanser for oily skin, but I agree with the fact yes it’s a deep cleanser for dry skin people.
Product Ingredients and how to use Clean & clear morning burst detoxifying facial cleanser



Have A Closer look at The Beads within the Oxygen Infused Formula  
So here are my ratings.
About the product packing- It’s impressive.    8/10
Deep cleanser for oily skin.     6/10
Deep cleanser for dry skin.      8/10
Is infused with oxygen.       9/10
How does it smell like?
It smells like lime water with a little salt in it very fresh in other words a formula that wakes you up in the morning.      9/10
The product has chemical preservatives called parabens sulfates in it that is not good for skin.  0/10
Brand like Neutrogena is parabens free.  Always choose a product free from preservatives.
   It’s just like giving your skin a fresh hydrated glass of fresh lime infused with extra oxygen and you can say this is the reason I bought it as the formula is infused with oxygen without realizing it has parabens.
Will I buy it again?  I won’t buy it again.  I will try some other products free from preservatives.
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