Clean on Me Luxury, Creamy Award Winning Body Wash to Try

Soap and glory a UK bath and body and cosmetic brand is getting popularity each  day due to its high quality products which shows the best results. It’s mostly beauty care products are award winning and clean on me is one of them.

I am so much excited to review  clean on me body wash on glamour infusion today.

Clean on Me not because it’s an award winning product so you could expect me to praise it. Well not exactly I am going to praise but rather I am going to share my views how I found this product after using it several times.

First when I receive  soap and glory products I  felt  top of the world I decided to try each product one by one first flake away then clean on me and in the last their righteous body butter. So actually I did the layering which was an amazing experience.

My Experience with Clean on Me:

I enjoyed using clean on me and each time I use it, it makes me feel happy. I bought a 500ml bottle and using clean on me is kind of obsession.  This is the best body wash so far!  You want to know why I loved it here is how


-Clean on me is very creamy and foaming

-Little goes a long way

-Luxury smell: it smells so different and skin feels fabulous with soap and glory original pink fragrance.

-I have dry skin other than my facial skin, my body skin especially my feet are extremely dry. This makes my skin feel clean without drying out instead it make skin moisturizing. It  it has natural mandarin peel extract and built in body lotion.

-My shower loofah loves it and just a single pump is enough to create enough foam.

-Clean on me serves as a shampoo as well you can easily clean your hair in no time. It’s not written on the bottle this is what I recommend you girls. My hair feel enough moisturized and healthy with amazing pink fragrance smell.

-Lovely packing soap and glory products have amazing packing I just can’t resist trying it out it says on the bottle

                  “Yes you can have it all creamy clarifying shower gel!”  

-This is true that clean on me cleans skin very well.

-The smell lingers on skin for a few hours but if your layer it with righteous body butter it will stay longer.

-Clean on me is good to use in any season.


-When it says it fruity citrus smell that does mean it sweet because it’s not. It’s a warm musky floral scent to me you can’t smell strawberries in the body wash.  If you have not tried this product you might be expecting it to be a sweet citrusy smell which is not the case. It’s rather muskier a little hint of citrus and floral smell which stays the same in the end.

-If you are not addictive to this smell you won’t like it at first.  But once you get addicted you will love it strange but that‘s the truth.

Clean on me


Formula Texture is very thick and creamy

clean on me formula texture

What’s written on the Bottle and its Ingredients have a look !

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Best way to Use it: 

I suggest to use it with shower loofah as I have tried using with hands and the end results were not effective so I suggest first damp your Loofah and then use clean on me just a single pump will be enough and  rub loofah  with your hands to create foam it will take only few seconds and you will get more than enough clean on me foam to use and this is how you should be using it. Without loofah don’t use it as it will get wasted.

Where to Buy Soap and Glory in Pakistan?

-Availability could be the issue but you can still buy it from ROUGE which is my favourite shopping page on face book. They don’t charge more and you will feel very happy buying from ROUGE they have the most promising service the best place to shop online in Pakistan.

Soap and Glory Getting Fame in Counties other than the UK:

Soap and glory products are getting popular in US and other countries as well. Not to mention this brand is unavailable in countries like Pakistan and India.

Common Questions on a Girls Mind:

What makes a girl most happy after receiving a product? You might be thinking we all have different views well that’s right but mostly think alike

-How’s the packing ?

-Is this a budgeted product can I afford to buy this one?

-Why girls are getting so crazy about this product I am definite going to try this one for sure.

-Does it serve the purpose well?

-Will I be buying this product again?

And so on

I am confident to say  girls clean on me is the answer to all the above questions so what are you waiting for?  Clean on me is a winner among all the beauty care products especially skincare products.

Clean on me is the best ever body wash I have ever tried and 100 percent I recommend it.


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