Cristiano Ronaldo or Harry Styles? Who will Kendall Jenner Choose


Kendall Jenner 20 years who has recently been dating One Direction shining star none other than Harry Styles 22 years. Media gave a very good coverage to this cute couple their steamy yacht photos and holding hands in public, even Ellen Degeneres called them a cute couple.  Although the couple made so much buzz in the media but yet it was just the photos we all were seeing there was nothing official. There were even rumours of their split up but yet again nothing is official.

Kendall wants Harry to make First Moves

According to the sources Kendall wants Harry to make first moves and she is willing to be with Harry as she believes in sincerity in relationship.  Kendall is kind of really private when it comes to relationships and I guess for that reason there is not much news about Harry Styles and Kendall being together or not.  Not even their Instagram accounts showed any sign of them together in a relationship.  If Kendall is private what about Harry is he private too well may be yes or not?

Cristiano Ronaldo wants to Date Kendall Jenner

However there is something even more interesting.  We all know Cristiano Ronaldo 31 years, and we know that he is following many female models/celebrities including   Selena Gomez, Kim Kardasian, Demi Lavato, Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner on Instagram.  So, what’s the interesting thing? On 21, Jan 2016, Cristiano Liked Kendall Jenner’s Picture, with that Kendall seemed to be very much flattered.   According to the sources   Kendall has decided to move on short-lived romance and ready to get along with the new romantic story with Cristiano Ronaldo. Again according to some sources, Cristiano seems to be very much interested in Kendall and he wants to take her out for dinner.  Now that’s the first move and very much romantic.  Since nothing is official yet so question remains who will Kendall Choose stylish Harry Styles or the hottie Christiano Ronaldo ?


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