Eat these Fruits for Healthy and Glowing Skin

Eat These Fruits for Healthy and Glowing Skin

Fruits have many benefits they not only smell and taste delicious but also helps in improving skin complexion, strengthen immune system, reducing dark circle, improving hair growth, fight against multiple diseases.


Red pomegranates are best for women especially those who are facing iron deficiency that results in irregular periods, iron deficiency can lead to poor skin complexion, dark spots , eye bags, dark circles under eyes  Pomegranate helps in reducing cholesterols levels , improving  reproductive system in women, brings red glow on your skin especially the red pomegranates are rich in multi-vitamins. So no needs to take supplements rather take Pomegranate for healthy and glowing skin.


Rich in vitamin C that helps in reducing dark spots on skin, fighting skin diseases ,bring that youthful glow look on your face and above all best to control cholesterol levels and helps in controlling  body weight.  Improves heart beat and controls blood pressure as well. Grapfruits are best if you want to have a glowing skin.


The best energy sources if you feel a little down during daily activities just eat a few bananas you will feel energetic in no time. If you eat bananas weekly you will feel improvement in hair growth it gives glowing skin if eat on weekly or daily bases.

4- Oranges

Oranges have multiple benefits they are loaded with collagen that helps in tighten skin. Orange’s peels are used in DIY scrubs these scrubs are best for skin glow not only scrubs but also in facial and body masks.


Mangoes are for skin glowing yes as they improve skin elasticity, improve cell structure, rich in anti oxidants, stops skin ageing and are one of the best sources for providing energy to the body.


Dates are known as a natural tablet of multivitamins loaded with zinc that helps in improving skin structure that results in a glowing skin this is a must have fruit especially for ladies. It ‘s also rich in iron for those who are  under weight and feel they need to put on some weight then eat dates with a glass of milk you will feel increase in weight also it balances skin PH levels and helps in improving skin darker complexion automatically as darker complexion means lack of diet. If you feel that your complexions is turning darker then start taking dates it will bring back your original healthy skin complexion. So dates are best for glowing skin.

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