Eliminate Black Heads Top Ten Ways

It feels quite disappointing that after all expensive skin care regimen. The black and white color pore opening and microscopic bumps appear on smooth skin surface known as black and white heads.

Our skin pores secret oil which when air contact turns that oil into black color forming a black head right on the opening of pore blocking it completely. Just like an apple when you cut  it and after a few minutes it’s color changes completely.

Formation of black heads is a common issue and it is more related to combination to oily skin. Dry skin people hardly faces black head problem if they do it’s mainly on their T-section and chin area. Remember that every skin is different and products used for eliminating black heads and clearing skin shows different results.

I have extremely oily skin and for that reason black heads are readily formed on my skin. In this post you will find out top ten ways to eliminate black heads effectively.


1) Exfoliate

Exfoliation is for every skin it does not matter which skin type you have exfoliation is the most effective way not only to eliminate black heads it is best for renewing skin surface. Exfoliation gives new life to skin.

You can exfoliate   3 times a week if you have oily to combination skin and exfoliate once a week if you have dry skin.

2) Clay Mask

Clay masks are best to sooth troubled skin not only this, clay masks absorbs skin excessive oils which causes clogged pores resulting in formation of black heads.

Clay masks helps in controlling formation of black heads. So it’s a must try.

Queen Helene mint and julep masque is such a good product to use for eliminating black heads if you cannot buy it you can always use organic mud mask which is easily available in the market.

3) Deep cleansing Salon Treatment

Try deep cleansing treatment once in 15 days to control black heads.

4) Cleansing Brush

If you want to buy a product for skin life  for changing results then I suggest buy clarisonic which is an ultimate skin tool and by far the best cleansing brush I have ever tried.

On the other hand if you do not have the budget then buy non electrical manual brush which you either buy from Sephora or any other good online beauty store. If you cannot buy either brush then you can use a soft bristles tooth brush on nose only. Sometimes it is suggested mint base tooth paste also help in clearing black heads as mint helps in soothing skin and clearing pores.

5) Pore strips

Pore strips eliminate black heads most effectively. It do not control black heads however it is perfect to remove them.  You can either make pore strips by using gelatine and milk easily.  You can even use it as a peel off mask for eliminating black heads.

6) Honey, Egg White and Milk Mask

Take a bowl and one table spoon of egg white, one table spoon of honey, one table spoon of milk and mix all very well.  Apply this mask on all over the affected area. After 15 minutes rinse your face  with lukewarm water or tap water.

This facial mask is very much effective in eliminating black heads as milk has lactic acid which exfoliates skin very well; honey has anti-inflammatory properties also loaded with minerals and vitamins which nourish skin. Egg white is best for anti aging skin and a perfect peeling mask.

Apply this mask once in a week and you will see lesser black heads.

7) Deep pore cleaning treatment

Either uses a specific deep pore cleaning cleanser which are easily available in the market or visit a spa or salon for profession treatment. It’s best to do this treatment step by step. At home you can follow these simple steps.

1) Wet your face with water

2) Clean it with face wash

3) Exfoliate with your favourite scrub

4) Take steam to open pores

5) Cleanse it while using cleansing brush and facial deep cleanser

5) Apply clay mask or DIY fruit mask

6) Apply ice cube to close all pores instantly

7) Apply vitamin-E moisturizer or your favorite moisturizer.

9) Microdermabrasion treatment

The goal of this treatment is to remove the top most dead skin surface and nourish the new skin layer. It’s a totally  professional treatment which can be done by a professional. However due to new easy to use microdermabrasion kits availability in the market you can try this treatment at home by following the mentioned instructions on the product.

10) Avoid Pollution and maximum skin exposure

Many of us do not know if the air we breathe and place is polluted do not expect your skin to survive longer. The best way to avoid skin issues not only to clean it but also keep your area and the air you breathe fresh. Which could be done by planting plants as plants reduces pollution in the air and also by keeping our surroundings especially the place where we live clean.  Avoid maximum skin exposure when contacted with air the lesser there will chances of formation of blackheads.

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