Ellen’s Oscars Selfie and other Oscars Best Moments

Yesterday when I followed Ellen DeGeneres @The EllenShow on twitter after retweeting Ellen’s Oscars Selfie it was not a surprise to see it’s been retweeted 2.7M and favorited 1.4M times because it was one of the best Oscars click.All the photo credits goes to Bradly Cooper which Ellen on twitter posted “if only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best photo ever.”  Yes it was best photo ever Ellen we are a little surprise to see all the stars gathered just for a click; cheerful and happy saying hello to all their fans worldwide.

I was reading online today that Samsung insists Ellen Oscars Selfie was not a marketing stunt at all as the pictured went viral yesterday. In the picture you can see Bradley holding up Samsung mobile device it was quite a good picture Bradley, surely it happens once in a life time. All such amazing clicks are pretty hard to find unless someone popular shares on social networks. I have joined twitter a long time ago but was not really active, now that it’s matter of blogging so I love to connect people there mostly.

Ellen’s Oscars Selfie

I am also happy because my favorite celebrities wore amazing dresses yesterday want to share with you all. Ladies first so here are my top Oscars 2014 Ladies Pics.

-Sandra Bullock

sandra bollock

-Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong'o

-Cate Blanchett


-Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

-Jennifer Lawrence


-Angelina Jolie

angelina jolie

-Lady Gaga

lady gaga


Best Dressed Men at Oscars

-Bradley Cooper


-Leonardo DiCaprio


-Kevin Spacy 

kevin sapacy

 -Jared Leto


-Ethan Hawke

ethan hawk

I do not own these images and they belong to their owners.

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