EXO Fans Demanding SM Entertainment An Immediate Break Because of EXO Health Issues


On 26th Aug 2015 Twitter social media website flooded with #GetwellsoonEXO hash tags and it became one of the top world trends on twitter. EXO has recently released two of its come back Mega hit songs including (Monster) and (Lotto) which are already topping up the charts.

Note that EXO is one of the most popular pop music boy bands in the world from South Korea.  Sources reported that due to tight schedules and promotional events the members have to face some serious health issues.  Kpop entertainment agencies are also known for their strict disciplinary management rules some deny it however many are of the view that behind all the glitter and glamour their lies so much sacrifices.   Despite of the fact that no one can blame the members for their health it’s the management job to take care of the rights and wrongs. EXO members are still in connection with their fans and they want to be there for their fans just like the fans never want to leave and always becoming a strong hold for their idols.

Here are a few glimpses of fans fury on how they react to the health issues of their idols.



We are so sorry and we wish health to all EXO members. Get Well Soon!


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