A Feature on where to Look for the Best Cosmetic Reviews?

Paula’s Choice beautypedia pros and cons

Each time I search the internet for cosmetic reviews I got confuse. As there are many sites which provide enough cosmetic reviews almost each site is like a  beauty dictionary in itself for instance I searched the word cosmetic reviews the first site for cosmetic reviews I could see was paulachoice which has a beautypedia page yes that’s right it’s beautypedia not Wikipedia and surprisingly they have cosmetic reviews for almost all brands and their products which makes your search a little bit easy. They provide you with a cosmetic company weakness and positive side.

Paula’s Choice Beautypedia is like an online Beauty Dictionary:

They have rated/reviewed other company products as Good, average and poor based on some documentations and scientific results.

Paula’s choice beauty experts have rated products by themselves. Also the beautypedia concept is like an online beauty products dictionary you just open and get the product rating there.

My Opinion:

If you ask me I am not completely satisfied with that kind of cosmetic reviews it does not make me satisfied. It’s also written on each product whether it’s actually cruelty free, do not have harmful chemicals etc and after going through a testing procedure it is introduced in the marketing already tested.

First I believe if they have done a survey and rated the products then they might have shown some live reviews on their website when they allow the users to get themselves registered and write a review there, secondly the reviews must be up to date because companies do update their products often and it might have improve the product quality in some cases not. However you won’t be able to see the reviews up to date on their website.

My rating for the most helpful cosmetic reviews


Not so great

Skin Deep beauty Dictionary pros and cons:

Next we have skin deep which is rather about its own products mostly, skin deep is a brand itself and it offers quite a good range of skincare cosmetics. It’s rather about cosmetics which have less or no harmful chemicals used in their products which are environmental friendly you can say more on organic side about skin deep this is something I also like skin deep.

My Opinion:

Now the question is why it’s  on ranking 2 after beautypedia ? The answer is they offer you to search almost 69,000 registered products and they have a search bar where you can type the name or the category of that product and it showed instant results rating it as Fair , limited and even showed the numbers of votes from 1 to 10 I believe which is in certain way helpful  but again a person like me who believe in reading written genuine fresh  reviews as products success depends on customer feedback not a company beauty expert reviewing it and this is what my opinion is. I hardly believe on just the number rating this never makes me satisfied either. However as beauty dictionary after beautypedia it’s in some way helpful.

My rating for the most helpful cosmetic reviews


Not so great


Totalbeauty Cosmetic Reviews and my Opinion:

Next we have Totalbeauty which is more like a magazine and the best thing about it you will see some genuine people actually reviewing the product and sounds quite natural as well. I even have an account there where I also share my thoughts on cosmetic reviews. You can browse the products according to the category not only this you can even get helpful articles on buying guides, popular brands according to the categories, top reviews, most helpful recent reviews and much more.

My rating for the most helpful cosmetic reviews 8/10

Quite Helpful

Allure Beauty Magazine Product Finder in my Opinion:

Next we have Allure magazine I just love reading this magazine talking about cosmetic reviews when you visit online allure magazine you will see a window on your left side it says allure beauty product finder which allows you to search products according to your need you may search for particular face, body products even mention your skin type, face concerns, body concerns, age and price as well. You can even narrow the search results by typing all the concerns you have. So, that’s really kind of helpful. The only concern I see is that not much people have contributed in writing reviews on this website as compared to Totalbeauty and makeup alley where you can see much contribution where reviews are written on daily bases.

My rating for the most helpful cosmetic reviews


Quite Helpful


Makeup Alley Cosmetic Review:

Moving on to the next cosmetic reviews website we have makeup alley! Which I believe is most favourite cosmetic review site. Now what makes it favourite first if you are a beauty junky or a shopaholic even a careful and budgeted buyer  then you must at-least for once have visited this site if not yet then you must visit it.  I suggest it’s a site for everyone.

Makeup Alley is Based on Customers Reviews :

And what you notice is like each day you can see there are more than a 1000 visitors active just to write beauty reviews on this site and I am not just making this up,  you can  actually see it on the top right corner of makeupalley home page. Which describes why it’s so popular now is it worth visiting the site. When you click product you can see number of reviews, its rating, how many people will buy it again, package quality, price. You can even filter the reviews in accordance skin/hair/eye color, filter by age and sort by date this way you can narrow the results as well but you must be a registered user to review the products.

My Opinion:

What I concluded makeup alley has genuine reviews no automated reviews there that looks promising and I like that not only this rather more helpful thing is if you filter results according to date then you get latest and updated information on that particular product which is not the case in searching cosmetic reviews on other sites. Such kinds of reviews are really helpful.

My rating for the most helpful cosmetic reviews


Quite helpful

Good guide cosmetic review:

Well It’s a kind of beauty dictionary and they have provided their own ratings which seems to be not satisfactory as again I would like to mention that users are here to rate the product and if it’s not a product users rating then it’s just a dictionary.

My Opinion:

You can’t even narrow the search results again it seems automated number ratings given to the products in a presentable manner for instance as they mention whether the product is healthy / do not have any health concerns and if it has then what percent, secondly tells if the product is environment friendly or not and lastly if the product’s manufacturer have a good image in the society or not?

Unlike cosmetic sites which have not mentioned how they have rated/reviewed the product just claim. Good guide make me a little satisfied however buyers more concern are if the product is effective or not and for which skin type, age and other factors does matter which you won’t be able to filter here. So I won’t say it’s much helpful either.

My rating for the most helpful cosmetic reviews


Satisfactory to some extent

I have visited the other sites but I just like to finish my review here as for further search there are no beauty worth visiting dictionary neither any cosmetic review website. There might be some good and helpful blogs which I like to cover in my next post. So stay tuned until my next post


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