Filip Ursulica an Astounding Addition in the World of Modelling


Beginning a modelling career directly from Milan Fashion week in Roberto Cavalli Show 2014 is much a great achievement itself.   Filip has been travelling around the world doing fashion campaigns and appeared on International magazine covers like (Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Elle Man, Sense, Esquire etc)

Who is Filip Ursulica:

The world of modelling where competition is the toughest, what is so different about Filip?  Beyond his unique style and looks his most astonishing feature is his facial expressions in photo shoots, magazine covers.  With all these stupendous looks we think that Filip expressions and looks resemble with the film actor Montgomery Clift. Filip has that kind of Stellar expressions!


Glamour Infusion: First tell us where were you born and bred?  

Filip Ursulica:  I was born in a small town in north eastern of Romania named Botosani. I grew up there and I moved to Bucharest to continue my study at the age of 18.

Cello Yasei Menswear PreFall

Glamour Infusion: You’re most memorial childhood memory?

Filip Ursulica: I can’t just think one memorable childhood memory honestly speaking there are too many, I was a crazy kid and I did a lot of crazy stuff that brings me amazing memories. If I had to pick just one, the craziest and the awkward one, I want to share with you a story when I was 7 years old and my brother 9 years. We killed one of our grandma’s chicken while we were playing with it and then we threw it over her fence. I was too scared at that moment and didn’t know what to do. I always remembered the trouble I got in at that time.

John Varvatos fashion show

Glamour Infusion: How you first got discovered?   (As a model did you yourself joined modelling agency or someone saw you and asked you to join modelling agency)            

Filip Ursulica: After I moved to Bucharest to study, some of my colleagues advised me to try modelling but I was not that excited about it, I was thinking it’s kind of impossible. At the same time I started working at H&M to make extra cash and I remember I asked my manager how they choose their models.

She said they work with international models and she is not responsible for that, of course she was just a store manager at that time. My luck was not with me at that time, after almost 2 years since that moment, a photographer (Sergiu Zimbilschi) that works with my mother agency (Dejavu Models Management Romania) saw me in the store and asked me if I am interested in serious modelling career and that he can introduce me to somebody. I wanted it so bad to be on H&M poster, I accepted to meet them. Fortunately, they were all very good people and I start working with them.

By the way, I am still waiting for that day when I will shoot for  H&M campaign hopefully one day I will I am hopeful. (Smiles)

Glamour Infusion: Since you have been travelling around Asia doing fashion shows, campaigns and magazine covers. What was the most exciting and full of fun fashion show, campaign/photo shoot for you?        

Filip Ursulica: It’s always fun at the jobs; I always try to entertain people or to maintain the good vibe. The exciting and fun jobs are usually the unusual ones and the ones when I have to work with best friends. The last one was a campaign for Goldlion shooting 18 hours per day, for 5 days in a row, starting at 4 am with two awesome models and friends and with an amazing  professional team.


Glamour Infusion: People who inspires you the most in your life are?

Filip Ursulica: For this question I would say simply my Dad! He is the man who inspires me the most, but all my family members had their contributions in what I am today.

Glamour Infusion:

What people do not understand about models?


Filip Ursulica: In my opinion people who don’t have any contact with this industry can’t understand what this actually is. Everybody has their opinions about everything as I have about politics or music. I like both, I read about politics and I listen to music, but I am not a politician nor a musician so I can’t fully understand them.

Glamour Infusion: What you usually do when you are not modelling / your interests fun activities etc?  

Filip Ursulica: One of the reasons I started modelling is because I like to travel. In my free time I like to relax in the nature, I love quiet places where I can meditate and clear my mind. I also like sports, all kinds, but I have a passion for football especially, that’s why I was playing at my city junior team for a few years now, even when my parents didn’t agree with that.

FiLIP URSULICA has that Stellar expressions

Glamour Infusion:  What is the true definition of handsome man? How do you define a handsome man (what are the must have qualities)      

Filip Ursulica: There is a true definition of handsome? I am probably a true definition of a handsome man in a few people’s eyes. As the guy you see first tomorrow morning when you left your home is a true definition of handsome in some people’s eyes too.

Glamour Infusion:

What’s your Signature Style?  


Filip Ursulica: A man should be thoughtful and smart.

Stellar expressions!

Glamour Infusion: Hard work or Luck?

Filip Ursulica: Hard work is the most important thing, and then opportunities come and go. Call it luck or whatever you want to call, is going to make its presence too. These 2 things go together…

And you can be at the right place at the right time. But actually your past actions bring you there.


Glamour Infusion:  Do you believe in love or do you think it’s   just a myth?  

Filip Ursulica: I think love can hit you when you don’t even expect. I believe in love because I have experienced it a lot of times.


Glamour Infusion:  What qualities you might be looking in your future partner (wife to be)?

Filip Ursulica: My first crush was Pocahontas, so my partner must look and think like her! I’m just kidding!

I would like to have someone trustworthy, and when I look at her I don’t want to stop smiling.

Glamour Infusion: What you mostly love to eat (your favorite food)?

Filip Ursulica: Pizza! And I am so lucky that I can eat as much as I want. That’s the easiest, fastest and tastiest food I can have when I run for castings.


Glamour Infusion: What advice would you like to give to the struggling models?

Filip Ursulica: Relax and enjoy it! It’s an amazing job!

Glamour Infusion: Thank you for your time and we really enjoyed interviewing you and we wish you all the very best in your upcoming projects. Hope to interview you again soon.  Keep us updated!    

Filip Ursulica: Thank you so much Glamour Infusion, thank you Aleena! Wish you all the best!





Filip Ursulica not only he has the looks and stupendous style, he is also a very talented person, currently he is pursuing acting career along with the modelling.   Hopefully we be able see his acting skills in movies.

It would be justified if I would say that he is an astounding addition in the world of modelling.He must be given a Chance in bigger modeling campaigns like H&M and many others. 


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