First Aid Beauty Cleanser Best for which skin type find out

I have bought a few products from Sephora and I got first aid beauty cleanser as a sample product to try on. Since I am skincare addict so it was a moment of surprise for me and trying the famous first aid beauty cleanser was like something new for me.

I have never tried out a first aid beauty product before so I have no idea how this product is going to work on my skin. Before I start reviewing first aid beauty cleanser I must tell you that I have extremely oily skin and it needs a lot of care.

First aid beauty products are all high end and pretty expensive. So before buying any product from first it I recommend trying out a sample of the product so you won’t regret buying the full size product.

What the product says:

‘’Remove surface oils, make-up, dirt and grime effectively.’’

My Experience using First Aid Beauty Cleanser:

I tried it twice since the quantity was small and my review is based on two times use of the product.

At first, I was pretty excited using it so I took pea size  amount and clean my face with it using clarisonic and the result seemed  ok.  The formula was not the best for my extremely oily skin and since I used it not for removing make-up so I cannot say much about makeup removing power of first aid beauty cleanser.

You won’t believe what I use currently I use clean and clean deep action cream cleanser which is much better than first aid beauty cleanser in cleaning my pores, removing the dirt effectively. I also use clean and clear morning burst detoxifying facial cleanser which is also pretty good for oily skin people.

first aid beauty cleanser sample size has 2ml in it

However one thing I love about first aid beauty cleanser is, it won’t clog my pores, and won’t make my skin tight or irritating. It also controls skin oil which is a good thing.

On the other hand clean and clear deep action cleanser does the cleaning effectively however it fails to stop skin oil secretion after a few hours which is not a best thing.

All in all if you want to have a high end skin cleansing product which won’t irritate your skin and make your skin look smooth and clean you can try first aid beauty cleanser it’s best for dry or normal skin people. For oily combination or extremely oil skin I won’t recommend it.


First Aid beauty cleanser has lots on ingredients however it do not have parabens and other harmful chemicals.



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