Flake Away Soap and Glory the Best Body Polish Ever

Body Polishes are designed to make your skin look perfect. However not all body polishes are worth the hype. When purchasing products sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you won’t.

A few months ago I purchased flake away body polish by soap and glory and luckily this product was worth the hype.  Not only has it smelt amazing this body polish is worth trying out.

My Experience using Flake Away:

I love pampering myself and for that reason I love trying out new bath and body products.  When the first time I open the lid of flake away body polish I smelled amazing soap and glory signature fragrance before this I have tried their clean on me body wash, righteous body butter and hand food which were more than I expected in quality and quantity both.


The texture of the body polish was is amazing as it has skin soothing sea salt, sugar, shea butter, peach seed powder also grape seed and almond oil.  All these ingredients are meant to transform scaly legs to radiant looking beautiful legs.  This actually happens if you first try this body polish.


All you have to do is apply flake away body polish on damp skin and rub it in circular motion. Do not use too much water as it won’t help in getting rid of dead skin quickly. Keep rubbing for a few minutes until you can feel smooth legs then rinse with water. The body polish has built in moisturizing oils which actually helps in making skin super soft and radiant looking.

Kindly note flake away body polish can sting if you irritating or sensitive skin.





Great thing about this body polish is the more regularly you use this product the more you can see improvement in your skin texture. Not only has it made skin radiant it also removes dark spots from your skin.  I have redness issue on one of my leg. There were these tiny red spots and when I started using my skin felt better and I am happy now as there is no redness issue on my leg.

I absolutely recommend using flake away body polish.  If you have not tried out then I suggest you can buy this product from boots which has all soap and glory products on cheapest free offer. Hurry and go grab one.


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