Flint Louis Hignett: An Attractive Suave Young Model Having a Cool Personality with A Unique Sense of Humour

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In the world of modeling and entertainment, it’s really hard to make a place since there is a lot of competition going on, and honestly speaking when there is a lot of favouritism going on then the survival becomes difficult especially when one is looking to be a professional full time model.  Still models are people who do not only have good looks, but they are really smart in many ways, they have to push themselves to the very limits in their career.  All the fashion and trends that we see on the runways is a result of joint efforts of the designers and the models who worked really hard for us.

Flint Louis Hignett is an attractive suave young model, he has a unique personality, he is both serious and humors guy. He is a party geek who enjoys life to its fullest.

Admired by his friends and family both, Flint have a good fan following you can say he is really popular in his circle. A growing public figure as a model on instagram because of his unique personality he is much loved!

He is open on many things and at the same time due to his suave nature, he is reserve on few things.

Today we are going to share Flint’s interview with our dear readers and fans who love him the way he is.



Glamour Infusion: Hi Flint welcome to Glamour Infusion, it’s a pleasure having you with us today.  So tell us something about you where are you from?

Flint Louis Hignett: Hey Glamour Infusion, pleasure is all mine. I was born and raised in Amsterdam. Which is in the Netherlands. My mum is English and my dad is Dutch so I speak both languages fluently.

Glamour Infusion: So your mom is Dutch and your Dad is English. Are you more on English side or Dutch side?

Flint Louis Hignett: It’s just the other way around. My mum is English and my dad is Dutch. I mean I was born and raised in Holland and I live in Amsterdam so I guess officially I am more Dutch, but with my job I travel so much I’m hardly in Amsterdam. Also I have the last name of my mum which is English so if that counts for anything…. then I am more English haha.


Glamour Infusion:  What you really enjoyed when you are in Amsterdam?   

Flint Louis Hignett: I really like seeing my friends and my family. With all the traveling I miss them a lot. And cycling, I really like riding my bike in Amsterdam.

Glamour Infusion: You’re most memorable childhood memory?

Flint Louis Hignett: My most memorable childhood memory, that’s a difficult one, there are so many to choose from. I guess one of the most memorable was when me, one of my closest childhood friends and my mum were in Portugal and we all looked up at the same time and saw the biggest falling star/comet soaring through the night sky. It was huge! And so beautiful we couldn’t believe our eyes.



Glamour Infusion: People you are closer with are?

Flint Louis Hignett: I think I am closest with my good friends from Amsterdam. But in general I am a very private person.

 Glamour Infusion:  When you are not modeling what are you doing, what are your hobbies? 

Flint Louis Hignett: when I’m not modeling I try and learn a new skill. I’ve learnt how to make miniature origami animals such as a dragon or dinosaur, or I’ve learnt how to solve the rubix cube or card tricks. Even learnt the alphabet in sign language.


Glamour Infusion: Your dream is?

Flint Louis Hignett: My dream is to be happy with myself and the people around me. To be happy with what I am doing with my life. And to be happy with what I have done in my life.

Glamour Infusion:  your favourite Dutch phrase is? 

Flint Louis Hignett: I don’t know a lot of Dutch phrases to be honest. But I’ve recently learned a phrase that goes like this: “the best way to improve your style is to smile” which I really like.


Glamour Infusion: Your favourite song?

Flint Louis Hignett: It’s not my favourite song but a song that I find beautiful is Piano Man by Billy Joel. It’s not the type of music I usually listen to though. My favourite artists for example are Eminem, the old Eminem, J-Cole or Chance the rapper. Just a few.


Glamour Infusion: Are you a fan of Harry Potter series or Star Wars?       

Flint Louis Hignett: I am a fan of both! But if I had to choose then Harry Potter wins by a little. It’s because it has more sentimental value, my mum used to read the Harry Potter books to me when I was a kid. She gave every character a different accent and everything.

Glamour Infusion: Your signature style would be?

Flint Louis Hignett: I don’t understand the question? You mean clothing style? I don’t have a specific style I guess. I like wearing caps.


Glamour Infusion: The best thing about you is?

Flint Louis Hignett: Well people tell me I have a nice smile and good humor so I guess I would have to choose those.


Glamour Infusion:  Do you believe in true love or love at first sight? 

Flint Louis Hignett: I sadly don’t believe in love at first sight or in true love. I do believe that there is attraction at first sight, and I also believe that there are multiple matches out there for everyone :)

Glamour Infusion:  What qualities you prefer to see in your life partner to be? (Actually many fans wants to know this) 

Flint Louis Hignett: I really like humor, so it’s really important for me that we can laugh together and understand each other’s humor. Also I want my partner to be a little bit silly, not too serious, like me. And we have to have good chemistry, in bed and out of bed haha.


Glamour Infusion: When is your Birthday and how old are you, your education?

Flint Louis Hignett: June 30th. I am 22 and I have HAVO.

Glamour Infusion: Are you good at cooking what can you cook for us?

Flint Louis Hignett: I am learning to cook new things every day. I have a very simple taste I don’t like dishes that are too complex. My favourite meal to cook would be sweet potatoes fries with chicken breast or salmon and broccoli.16464153_135640186946762_2591436150891610112_nGlamour Infusion: The best fan service you could give to your fans?

Flint Louis Hignett: I could do a meet up if people really would like to. I did it one time with two fans in New York and we just hung out in central park and chilled.


Glamour Infusion: Any advice you like to give?    

Flint Louis Hignett: Just stay positive and give the people around you good and positive energy and you will get the same back. :)

Glamour Infusion:  Few good friends or lots of friends?

Flint Louis Hignett: with my traveling schedule I would rather have a few good friends. But luckily I have both.


Glamour Infusion: Where you see yourself in five years?

Flint Louis Hignett: In sunny Hawaii on a beach super rich and with all my friends around me and everyone is happy and there is no more war and poverty in the world.

Glamour Infusion:  Can money buy everything?

Flint Louis Hignett: It depends what you are looking for. For me it can’t, you can’t buy your friends or happiness. Money can make you happy but real happiness you don’t need money for.


Glamour Infusion: The best thing ever happened to you in life.

Flint Louis Hignett: As a kid I always wanted a dog and my mother always said no. But one day she got me a dog for my birthday! I was so happy.

Glamour Infusion:  Do you think that today modeling is a change profession? How much favoritism you see in this profession? 

Flint Louis Hignett: I’m sorry I don’t understand the question.


Glamour Infusion:  Which qualities define a successful modeling career?

Flint Louis Hignett: That’s a difficult question. It’s not just about the looks; you have to have luck, good connections and just a good personality. And nowadays also Instagram plays a big role in the modeling world.


Glamour Infusion:  Do you like spending hours among friends in parties or you more like to be alone exploring the nature (long drives, hiking, observing nature)

Flint Louis Hignett: definitely friends!!! I am a lazy person in nature, so I like to hang out with my friends. If we hike together or with my family it’s OK but I prefer to be with my mates.


Glamour Infusion: It was nice chatting with you Flint.

Flint Louis Hignett: Likewise. Thank you for having me and all the support.


Flint Louis Hignett is a person who is full of life, as a model he has a great commercial modeling potential; he has a very unique and attractive cool personality.  Above all he is loved by many! 26155100_400717520350357_218142802008080384_n

We(GlamourInfusion team) strongly believe that modeling should be a profession of less favouritism. In order to bring forth the true talents the agencies must do a fair job also the kings and queens of the modeling profession those who are responsible for selecting the top talent, when it comes to Assigning the projects & the awards especially each year they are very selective and picky because they keep on making the same decision every year! So,we think its a time for a change now!

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