Food for Energy-Top 10 Super Foods to Instantly Boost Energy Levels

Food for energy yes that’s right there are certain food items which can actually boost up your energy levels instantly.  Sometimes when we get exhausted due to heavy work load or due to some other reason human body becomes weak. So to boost up the energy levels proper intake of food items can save your body weaknesses.    The article is dedicated to both women and men’s health even if you are a teenager these food items can actually help in boosting up your natural stamina.

There are also super food that help in height gain.

1) Chocolate

Have you ever noticed that athletics and sports people usually keep energy bars to instantly boost up their energy level?    Chocolate bars are also energy bars not only they are delicious they instantly boost up energy levels. Chocolate is in fact one of the best food for energy.    I myself keep bars of chocolate and chocolate candy in my bag for just in case. It won’t make me fat. Don’t worry chocolate won’t increase your weight.    Food for energy number 1 in this rating.

2) Banana

Fruits do no harm to health and fitness however they make you fit and ready to be in shape more quickly.  Banana is the most readily available food to boost up energy levels in body.  Food for energy number 2 in this rating.

3) Mango

Even if you eat only one mango you won’t need anything else to eat to boost up your body energy level.   Just by eating one mango you will feel great.  Food for energy number 3.

4) Dates

Dates are rich in minerals Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and other essential body nutrients. Dates help in boosting energy levels instantly they have total Carbohydrates which are the instant source of energy.

5) Sweets, Desserts and Candies

If you have a sweet tooth you don’t have any problem in eating sweets, desserts and candies.  It’s not about a fatting programme however it’s about making you healthy and happy.

6) Honey

You don’t have to worry about your weight always however due to some reasons if you can’t eat food which actually increases your weight then I believe it’s the right time to start eating organic.

Honey has 17g Carbohydrate only it has zero calories. You can eat as much as honey as you wants because there is no chance to put on weight just by eating honey.   Honey is also an excellent source of boosting energy level of your body.

Food for Energy

7) Egg

Egg is rich in Vitamin A, D, B-12, B-6, Sodium, potassium with the total of 5 grams of fat and it does have cholesterol so the idea is you can take out the York and eat egg white only just to avoid cholesterol and increase the level of essential nutrients in your body.

8) Dry fruits   

Fig, almonds, walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts, peanuts, pine nuts, raisins and all sorts of healthy dry fruits which have zero cholesterol are the best energy source for body. Also fruits help in getting a healthy and glowing skin. 

9) Mutton or beef stock

Soups and stocks are best way to boost energy levels. The only issue is they have cholesterol however two cups of beef or mutton stock in a month will not only make you work efficiently it will also strengthen immune system and is a great prevention against diseases as well.  To make stock you don’t have to add meat in it however bones only will be enough.

10) Beans and Lentils

If you are worried about cholesterol then Beans and Lentils also are a good alternative especially for the vegetarians. Beans and Lentils are rich in essential body nutrients which help in maintaining body energy levels as well.


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