Former Kpop Tiny-G member Mint making it Big with her solo Debut ‘’Already Go Lady’’


Since Kpop is becoming even more popular worldwide. Every week there release many new Kpop music videos. Tiny-G former member mint aka mintty has recently made her sexy solo debut with ‘’Already Go lady’’.

Interview with tiny-G mint you can read it on our website.

Once the video was released there was great response on the social media especially from the critics.

From Mintnswag official Instagram: Mint wearing traditional Thai dress.
From Mintnswag official Instagram
From Mintnswag official Instagram: Mint has transformed herself into sexy rapper.

Many You Tubers including foreigners gave their first reaction on Mintty’’ Already go lady’’ video song. Some even compared the music video with the artists of other big entertainment companies of South Korea. The song never failed to impress many people.  However most of the critics were of the view that it was a solid effort by the artist herself who pushed herself to the limits to make her solo debut a hit.   Not to forget that mintty is a great hip hop dancer having amazing dancing skills.

Mintty currently represented by Rerun Music Company has already changed her image from cute to sexy. In a Twitter Live session with us when asked about her favorite hip hop artist, she answered,’’ Nicki Minaj.’’

The debut was indeed a solid start for Mintty and in our opinion to make it even more exciting for the world wide audience Rerun music has to make some extra efforts for their present and upcoming artist.  We are expecting even bigger in the future. Way to go Mint!


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