How to Get Rid of Chapped Lips with Simple Home Remedies


Lips are women’s one of the most precious assets. If  your lips are dry and chapped it feels quite annoying not only they look ugly but while speaking and eating  chapped lips causes trouble so how to handle this trouble ? Just follow these simple steps and you can kiss chapped lips good bye.

There are multiple causes of chapped lips like dehydration, improver diet, any diseases, climate; some medications can cause you to have a chapped lip that’s why there is a need to take lip care. These are just a few causes there are still many others. No matter what the causes are these can be treated with simple home remedies. You can either consult your doctor for chapped and dry lips or treat it yourself if you want to use simple home remedies.

I have seen people curing their chapped lips using simple home remedies however in some cases depending on the causes if home remedies  won’t cure chapped and dry lips then it’s better to consult your physician at once.

Following these simple steps you can cure chapped lips in few days. Some very effective home remedies also helps in curing chapped and dry lips overnight.

The need is to take very good care of your lips.  I had chapped lips previously but now using simple home remedies I am a happy person. So what I exactly did to fix my chapped and dry lips.

Finding out the Right cause of Chapped Lips:

One of the most important points is to find out the reason behind chapped lips what causes chapped and dry lips. Then start thinking which could be the cause of it. Write down all the causes on your beauty diary.

After this you need to follow lip care planner that I am going to suggest here

Lip Care Planner:

Lip care planner is basically daily lip care routine juts like our facial, manicure and pedicure routines so if we follow lip care planner along with other beauty care routines in days we will be able to achieve our goals.

-When you woke up drink a glass of fresh boiled water. You can also take mint water or any other detoxifying water that you have already added in your diet but I suggest here before having breakfast you first need to take at least a glass of water. This way you need to take at least 6 glasses of water on daily bases.

-Buy a baby brush and exfoliate your lips once during day time.

-Try to keep your lips hydrated using lip oils and lip balms

-Keep smiling no matter if you have chapped lips.

-Use Vaseline petroleum jelly when going to sleep this will keep your lips hydrated during night as during night our body and skin losses lots of water so you need to take care of this.

Use organic lip balms and Lip Oils:

Remember apply too many products on your lips can also causes chapped and dry lips so avoid chemicals and products that have parabens, sulphates and other skin damaging ingredients. Use a balm that has SPF.

Other Recommended  Products:

I prefer EOS lip balms they are organic and really nice also you can try Maybelline lip balms as they have the ability to keep your lips hydrated for a long time.

Home Remedies for dry and Chapped Lips:

-Take some extra virgin olive oil and apply on your lips on daily bases with the help of cotton bud.

-Use coconut oil to cure chapped and dry lips.

-Exfoliate your lips with homemade sugar scrub or tooth brush daily

-use cucumber slices on your lips

-Use cocoa butter

– Apply raw milk on lips

-Apply Lanolin 100 percent organic on lips

– Vaseline petroleum jelly

 Proper Diet

-Try to avoid having lots of tea and coffee

-If you are a smoker or takes alcohol then it can be a cause of chapped and dry lips as smoking causes many problems.

-Avoid spicy foods

-Deficiency of vitamin A, D and C can also cause chapped lips. Eat fruits and diet that has these vitamins.

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