Glamour Infusion – Most Stylish New Face Editor’s Choice Award 2017 Winners


Glamour Infusion Fashion and Entertainment Digital Magazine have finalized the results for the Most Stylish New Face 2017 Male Award.  The team members have worked so hard to select the ones with the most potential.  Although it was difficult to select the top three only since the competition is so hard in the world of fashion and modelling. All the New Face nominees seem to have greater modelling potential in them which made our job a bit more difficult.  We apologize for any delays in the result.   Even though it also has to be the reader’s choice award. But we have selected three instead of two winners in the Editor’s choice Award category.  Kindly note that the Reader’s and Editor’s choice award except for this category  will be held later  this year hopefully , at the moment we have only conducted the Editor’s choice award.  We will also be conducting the ones with the most commercial face look Award 2017.   We will be looking forward to your response and feedback.



julian mackay

more line

ruben pol

more line

yo baek final

more line pink


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