Golf Pichaya: Thailand’s Super Star is More than Just An Entertainer!

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To be a real life entertainer it takes a lot more than just to act because to be a natural actor, one must trust the heart fully, pushing oneself to the limits is another great ability of a real life entertainer, merging yourself skillfully into the exact character and never forgetting the true passion of being an entertainer is what it takes to be a real life time entertainer. Not everyone can be an actor or claim to be a real life entertainer because To be a Super Star one Must be Born a Super Star.

Golf Pichaya 29 year old, actor and singer a Thai Super Star is more than just an entertainer, he will make you laugh out loud abruptly and will give you great joyful moments if you ever gets a chance to attend his fan meetings and if you are lucky enough to meet him in person you could have wished for more time to look at his smiling handsome face.

Golf & Mike aka GM

pichaya brothers
Left Mike, Right Golf – Mike & Golf aka GM- Thai Super Stars

Golf along with his brother Mike started his singing career at the age of 14. In 2006 Golf & Mike aka GM debuted with Yamashita Tomohisa in Japan for Kitty Gym Album. The GM brothers were also awarded as the best break through artists for the V channel Thailand video awards in the same year. Golf and Mike never failed to impress their fans especially after 2007.  Not only music career wise, Golf and Mike have a great fan following in many Asian countries.

Golf’s Re Debut in Japan 2016

golf redebute in japan with zero

golf in japan
Golf in Japan performing along with Zero (the band) JPOP- 2016

Golf Pichaya has recently re-debuted in Japan and gave a live performance along with a new JPOP group called ZERO led by Ryutaro Morimoto. Golf’s has already a great number of fan following in Japan. According to a press release Golf has signed a contract to make a co produced for his re debuted in Japan. The aim is to provide support to his artistic activities within the country.

To bring some of the most joyful moments, we are excited to share Golf’s Pichaya interview with our dear readers.



Glamour Infusion: Golf hello and welcome to Glamour Infusion where you have born and breed?
Golf Pichaya: I Was born in  Bangkok,Thailand.

Glamour Infusion: You’re most memorable childhood memory?
Golf Pichaya: When I studied in Australia for 2 years. Staying with my Aunt and Uncle. I always remember the taste of Spaghetti my uncle made for me every Saturday.

Golf sure loves Eating Ramen!

Glamour Infusion: What is the best thing about Golf and Mike pop duo?
Golf Pichaya: We are Siblings and we will never be apart forever.

Glamour Infusion: You are older than Mike but when looking at you both it seems like you both are more close and friendly have you ever felt like you are his older brother ?
Golf Pichaya: I always look at him as a little brother. Always worry for him when he struggled with his life’s problem, but I think now he is successful in everything and I’m proud of it.

Golf and Mike aka GM
The Amazing Pichaya brothers you will never be bored watching  them :)


Glamour Infusion: The toughest experiences of your life and what have you learned from it?
Golf Pichaya:Well, Toughest experiences of my life would be struggle to be an artist who people look up to not just my outside appearance but also look up to my skill and career. So I tried hard to push myself to be better and learned more of everything.

From Golf’s Instagram

Glamour Infusion: ( Rapid fire questions) what would you choose among these? Coffee or chocolate, water or fire, sea or desert, black or white, ice cream or noodles, pop or rock music, Justin Bieber or Micheal Jackson, Armani or Calvin Klein, Fashion or Style, New York or London, Lamborghini or Ferrari ?
Golf Pichaya: Coffee, water, Sea, white, noodles, pop, Michael Jackson, Armani, Style, London, Lambo.

Handsome Boy!

Glamour Infusion: Why you choose to be in the world of entertainment. If you would not be an actor then who would you be? 

Golf Pichaya:I didn’t choose to be in the world of entertainment because when I was little my mom sent me for it as a hobby. To studying singing and dancing so that I would not spend all my time on computer games. If I’m not a singer or an actor I would be a fashion designer because I love drawing and designing.

Golf loves  designing and currently he has his own stylish sunglasses brand OMFG.

Golf’s Instagram he owns sunglasses brand OMFG.


Glamour Infusion: People who inspires you the most in your life?
Golf Pichaya: My Dad.

The Pichaya Family


Glamour Infusion: What is the most important thing for an actor to understand?
Golf Pichaya: To use your heart not your brain.


golf in japan2
Golf is sure a real entertainer he makes everyone laugh where ever he is. The current post is shared by Golf during his official tour to Japan.

Glamour Infusion: Tell us something about your upcoming projects?
Golf Pichaya: I’m having an MBO TV show being a coach for new teenagers idol. Will also soon help my Dad on fashion brand.

vietnam fan art
Vietnam fan art of Golf

Glamour Infusion: 5 Best things you would like to share about you and any two of you bad habits that you think of?
Golf Pichaya:

1) Allways up for learning new things
2) creative
3) active
4) know my own mistake and fix it
5) Hard working
2 BAD habits – 1)sleep late 2)Can’t stand hot weather.

Golf’s facebook

Glamour Infusion: Luck or hard work, which you mostly believe in?
Golf Pichaya: Hard work.

Glamour Infusion: You have a really amazing personality and I believe you have a lot fan following especially girls. What qualities you might be looking in your future partner (wife to be)?
Golf Pichaya: Well, that person should be hard working, Kind at heart, Girl with dream and Goal in life is sexy.

Fan LOVE! :)


Glamour Infusion: If there any welfare work you want to do to help deserving people a hope you want to give to this world what that could be?
Golf Pichaya: As I have just came out from Ordination being a monk. I learnt so many things that is good and positive vibe. I want to pass on the teaching of doing good deeds and being a good person without wanting something back. Be good person without expectation. Give and share with others. Teach other they know it would be a miracles. Good people and good thoughts will be spread all around the world and their will be no wars because people will be good to each others.

Glamour Infusion: Your dream role and which mega star you would like to do a project with?
Golf Pichaya: I want to play a Psycho Killer. Because I really like character of Joker from The Dark Knight &
Norman Bates from Bates Motel.

Golf’s official Instagram

Glamour Infusion: What advice would you like to give to the struggling young people?
Golf Pichaya:There is a way to solve every problem. If you make a mistake and fall it’s OK. You will learn to get up and be stronger. Learn from your own mistake. Be open to all critics. Always keep the good vibes.

From Devil lover thai drama starring Golf as main lead actor. :)


Do not let anyone define who you are, Only you define yourself – Pichaya 

Not just everyone can make you happy and bring smile on your face those who does are the ones never to be forgotten. Golf’s is a real Entertainer!

We wish you all the very BEST! 




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