Gorgeous Black and White Nail Art Designs to Try

Gorgeous Black and White Nail Art Designs to Try

Beautifully shaped nails with soft and smooth hands can attract many people even if you are not wearing pretty dress. A lady’s nails must look pretty and cute as you must know the way you take care of yourself determines your personality.

Today we will talk about some of the most amazing DIY nail arts designs which you can enjoy designing without much effort.  Also if you really don’t want to do it or in case you lack artistic skills you can always visit a salon and ask them to do it for you.  Even if you do not want to pay much then just buy the necessary nail art accessories and ask your friend to help you in getting a desired design.

Black nails are totally in whether you are trying to have Goth or super sexy look black color is here to stay. Based on high in demand color today’s nail art is based on black, white, silver and shiny nail art accessories so it’s simple in many ways to try out.  But it won’t give a simple look rather it shows bold side of your personality for sure.

1-Super Sexy and Pointy


Shape: very pointy

Colors: black, white and silver

Accessories dull gold and silver sequences

2-Gold hot

nails 4

Shape: oval pointy

Colors: black, glitter gold

Accessories: none

3-Kind of Trendy

nails 5

Shape: oval pointy

Colors: black, glitter gold and white

Accessories: pearls, silver sequences

4-Zebra Hot


Shape: oval pointy

Colors: black, silver glitter, grey and white

Accessories: silver sequences


Note: You can also use fake nails for designing these kind of nail art as it will not only help you preserve the nail art also you won’t have to design your nails each time you want to attend a party or any function.

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