Hair Removal at Home – Best Ways to Get Rid of unwanted Hair

Hair removal at home is the most convenient way if you want to use organic products and save money. Here are some most effective ways to get rid of unwanted hair.

-Hot Waxing                                                                                      

Best for removing hair from legs, arms, back, stomach and from the most important part of your body.  But you need to be sure that the products in the wax are purely organic and no harmful ingredients are used in it.

If you won’t trust any product available in market you can still make your own wax at home using brown sugar in organic form and tartaric acid in powder form. This is how I make my wax at home or there are other ways to make wax at home. You can the products of your choice some uses lemons that are rich in citric acid instead of tartaric acid.

Always keep in mind the entire product you use in hair removing procedure should be completely hygiene and in its purest form also the strips you use should be clean and free from germs.



The use of thread can solve your problem for removing unwanted hair at home. Almost everyone knows how to use threads for removing hair. It’s an ancient way of hair removal that is still useful these days.

The only drawback that I see is its very difficult and tiring procedure for your hands not only it makes your hand feel uncomfortable but you can’t remove unwanted hair on large scale with this method.

Threading is best to remove hair form eye brows and other facial parts.


-Ganda Baroza

This is the most effective way to get rid of unwanted hair it does not only remove hair but also 10 times more effective in stopping hair growth than other products like waxing and any other kind of popular treatments.

What Ganda Baroza exactly is ? It’s extracted from trees and is used in its organic state not even processed in some cases it’s extracted and processed in powder form and then heated with mustard oil for a minute or 2 until the desired form is obtained.  After heating it on low flame with mustard oil for 2 mintues it turns into wax like liquid which is then left for few more mintues to cool down.

It’s using procedure is totally different than any other hair removing product. You need to take just a pea size amount of ganda baroza and use thumb and index finger to remove unwanted hair.


The product is best to remove hair from bikini area as it not only remove hair but also makes skin smoother. Less pain than waxing and if you use it regularly at least once in a week than you will be able to see less and lesser hair each time you use this product.

This is what you call magic of organic products with the use of ganda baroza that won’t create any mess at all like in waxing or any other method. Instead when removing hair all the hair got attached to your fingers and you can easily remove them using a pumice stone and water with ease.

Ganda baroza is the best DIY way to remove unwanted hair at home. I have been using this product for years now and I am proud of this product one small container that consists of a few grams will last you about six months depending on its use.  I totally recommend you should try this amazing product.

Unfortunately not many people know about this greatest hair removing product in other countries I am not even sure if it’s exists in other countries  or not however in Pakistan its available in herbal and ayurveda shops also in parchoon shop.

It’s super cheap and anybody can purchase it.

Ganda Baroza Swatch


– Tweezers

Do you use tweezers for hair removal? almost everyone does it’s the perfect tool to carry along with you were ever you go but I hate the part that it’s extremely painful and only you can remove hair from eye brows and face with this tool.

If you don’t have right tweezers you can’t use it with ease, so before buying a tweezers you need to check it first.



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