Hand Food and Righteous Body Butter Comparison

Some people say Soap and Glory hand food is righteous body butter in a tube form.  I have to disagree with that considering the following points which are the facts which I found after trying both the products several times. Here are my honest views about these two products.

Soap and Glory Righteous Body ButterSoap and Glory Righteous Body Butter

1) Hand Food is Softer than Righteous Body Butter

Hand food formula is super silky and 50 percent softer than righteous body butter after application on skin.

2) Difference in formula

Righteous body butter formula is more whipped and smoother than hand food. If you swatched both these products on hand you can easily figure out the formula difference.

3) Both of the Products are designed for Different purpose

Based on hand skin and body skin Soap and Glory has designed both these products separately for body skin and hand skin.

soap and glory hand food soap and glory hand food

4) Are these both products worth it?

I am not talking about the cost price however how good they are in making skin softer for hand and body. Yes, these both products are simply amazing and worth trying.

5) Which product is more expensive?

125 ml of hand food will cost you 6.50 British pounds however the righteous body butter will cost you 10.50 British pounds for 300ml of the product. Which makes hand food much more expensive than the righteous body butter?

6) Difference in Scent

These both products have signature pink fragrance claimed by soap and glory. That’s true however when you try them separately you will smell the difference.  It is also written on the product that it has macadamia oil and marshmallow scent in it which makes it slightly different than the smell of righteous body butter.

Over all hand food smelt slightly sweeter than the Righteous body butter to me.

7) The Packing

Both of these products have same pink color girly packing which is a plus point. If you have already tried Soap and Glory products you will know there is no compromise when it comes to their product’s packing.

8) How can you buy these products at cheaper Rate?

Actually I always recommend buying soap and glory products from boots.com the reason being holiday season or not they always have this 3 to 2 cheapest free offer on Soap and glory products.

So go ahead and try these products by yourself.

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