How to control that itchy Dandruff

Dandruff is been a serious skin issue and it’s true that beauty care products sometimes are help full in controlling dandruff. However simple remedies are also very effective in controlling dandruff.  Not only it grows on the scalp but it can grow anywhere, anywhere on the skins.

Dandruff makes things worse. The dandruff microbes on the skin eat skin and covert them into itchy dandruff flakes which when comb or not fall on clothes we wear that even sounds disgusting. There are many reasons of dandruff but I am going to mention some very good simple DIY remedies to control it.  Yes, that’s right it can be controlled if care properly here what you can do.

Stop thinking too hard:

You have noticed that those who take lots of tension or undergo some kind of stress have more likely to have dandruff issues. The need is to relax yourself relax all your muscles and stop thinking too hard rather give yourself some time and take 10 minute  rest at least during working hours just to make yourself stress free.

Try to keep your Scalp moist and soft:

Dry weather can also be considered as a serious dandruff issue. Whenever the weather is dry you are more likely to have dandruff so avoid keeping your scalp too dry.  Use seasonal oil to keep your scalp from drying out completely.

Massage with coconut oil

Coconut oil is excellent oil it has certain properties which helps in controlling dandruff. Minor dandruff can easily be controlled using coconut oil. Remember don’t use processed oil try using extra virgin coconut oil.

Massage Olive oil:

Well if you have dandruff on your skin then olive oil is the best choice it’s also good for massaging.

Neem, yogurt, coconut oil Scalp Mask:

Scalp needs nourishment whether or not you have dandruff you must always take care of your scalp. Remember if your scalp is healthy it means your hair is healthy too.

How to make this amazing mask to control dandruff?

Take a few leafs of Neem it’s a botanical plant which is particularly use to cure skin related issues.  Take a handful of Neem leafs add a few drops of water and take its juice either by using a grinder machine or manually by using Sill-Bata also known as Batan Stone.  Only consider taking one table spoon Neem juice for this mask

Consider taking very soar yogurt and only one table spoon same. One table spoon coconut oil and mix this mixture very well. Now with the help of fingers cover your scalp with this mask. After an hour remove this mask using normal temperate water.

Pat dries your hair with towel. Consider doing this at-least once in a week.


Comb your hair daily:

Dandruff flakes are actually dead skin cells which must be removed just like our skin need exfoliation same way combing is the best way to exfoliate your scalp and make it dandruff free. Do not delay combing your hair as the dead skin cells in the form of flakes will keep multiplying resulting in excessive uncontrollable dandruff.

Stop using Chemical loaded hair styling products:

Well if you use tons of products are you sure it will do no damage to your hair and scalp? Well yes it will damage your hair and also result in dandruff.  So avoid the use of chemical loaded products.

Switch to Baby Shampoos:

Use baby shampoo instead of your regular shampoo as baby shampoo are mild and they don’t have chemicals in them hence using such shampoos will make your hair better and will  also control dandruff.

Coconut milk as a conditioner:

Coconut milk is easy available in the market and has thick consistency other than the one which you make at home. Either buy from the market or make it at home use it on your hair as a conditioner after shampoo. It will also control dandruff.

Use Neem water:

Take some Neem leaves and boil them in water. When the water cools down use that water on your hair it will also control dandruff.

Keep your hair equipment especially comb and hair brushes separate.

Dandruff spread easily especially when you use dandruff loaded comb or hair brushes it will start growing on your scalp as well so avoid using someone else comb.

If the dandruff makes your skin extremely itchy and reddish in color then do consult a doctor. The above remedies are for not so swear dandruff cases.

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