How to make DIY Coconut Scrub with a New Twist

I am totally addicted to coconut products they just smell irresistible. I believe in creating new and amazing DIY products which are mostly organic. No doubt, there are best body scrubs for all skin types available in the market. However DIY scrubs will save your money and you can make them in large quantity as well.

I have watched many videos and reviews on body polishes. Some bloggers with creative mind have created and recreated many DIY products.

The basic DIY scrub has simple ingredients like essential oil, sugar, Epsom salt.  The other ingredients depend on what sort of DIY scrub you wish to create.  With the basic ingredients you can add variations for instance a citrus scrub may have lemon essential oil, orange peels and for rose scrub you can use rose hip oil, rose petals etc.

I have made this scrub on my own!
Smells amazing


What can be used in DIY  Coconut Scrub:

DIY coconut scrubs can be made with different variations as well you can add coconut milk, shredded coconut, coconut oil, coconut cream which is easily available in the market along with the other essential ingredients.

Mostly people use coconut oil in organic form or coconut essential oil. I prefer using non processed coconut oil because it’s super moisturising, healthy for skin and have a pleasant scent.


Since I love coconut so these are the ingredients I have used.

  • 300ml empty tub which I have soap and glory empty scrub tub. The reason I used it because their packing is excellent. You can use any plastic container.
  • Epsom salt has 3 to 1 ration with sugar
  • Coconut organic melted oil half cup
  • Body wash of your choice 2 table spoon. I have used clean on me body wash by soap and glory
  • 2 table spoon filtered water
  • One large spoon


Mix all these ingredients with the help of spoon. Leave the scrub for 24 hours in cool and dry place. After 24 hours all the ingredients will mix well together and you will have this amazing DIY coconut scrub.

Looks perfect! you can also try making one

What’s a New Twist? 

I have used body wash in scrub.

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