How to Make Skin Whitening Smoothie?

Have you ever wonder why babies have cute, soft clear skin? And as we age our skin loses collagen and sometimes our natural skin color changes which are not however age fact it is a nutrition fact. I believe in trying out super Detox smoothies who are really beneficial for health and fitness.

Skin collagen however can be restored naturally by eating food which helps in maintaining collagen levels.  Similarly skin color if it changes so much that you can easily tell the difference just by looking into your school and college pictures then it means you have dietary issues.

I can see myself as teenage girl a few years back when I had skin discoloration issues I believed at that time there was something wrong with my skin however never thought that I was lacking something important in my diet.  One can never be sure of it unless it actually found what the body is actually lacking.

Medicines and remedies have their own limits.   However diet is something that causes permanent health changes including skin issues.

I also wondered if I buy a cream worth 200$ will that has 100mg of formula to change my skin would that be permanent?

Well there were questions that always on my mind still I have some however the power of fruits and vegetables can never be ignored.

I just want to be healthy and I want my natural skin color back.  I need something instant to try which has long lasting results.

No one recommended me to try something that has apple and strawberry. I just want to give it a try as apple has some very interesting skin benefits.

Apple Skin Whitening Smoothie:

2 Apple

3 strawberries

One glass of water

Mixer Blender

Peel apples and ad strawberries and water in it blend it for 1 minute and drink it daily. Within one week you will feel a clear difference in your skin.

Whitening Smoothie

Whitening Smoothie


Skin natural color restored

Skin tightened


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