How to Style a Pair of Cowboy Boots for the City

cowboy boots

Cowboy boots and hats are a part of western fashion. These high-top boots first appeared for very practical reasons: the original design came from long cavalry riding boots, and the waterproof, high-quality footwear helped to keep the dust, mud, and water away from the feet.

Of course, there’s a lot you can do with a boot’s design even as you keep it waterproof and tall. The original plain leather gave way to interesting patterns and styles thanks to early Hollywood and Western films, and these fads started a tradition that continues for both men’s and women’s boots to this day. Still, a pair of flashy boots that look great on the trail might seem out of place in the city, but luckily there are styles you can use that will make your boots fit perfectly with your outfit and your surroundings.

Coordinate Colors

How do you make cowboy boots with flashy colors look subdued? Make sure they match the rest of your outfit. If the boots are leather brown, you can match it with khaki and earth tones. With black boots, you won’t have any trouble finding matching clothes but if you have a red pair you should be careful about matching the color tones. If your boots have flashy patterns and colors like many options in Russell’s Ariat collection, you should make sure the rest of your outfit is bold enough to match.

Wear Long Pants, Skirts, or Tights

You can make your cowboy boots a subtle statement while keeping the style and the colors by covering part of them. Full-length pants that reach down to the ankle and long skirts conceal the tall tops of these boots, making them look less out of place on the streets of L.A. or New York City. You could also go the other way by wearing dark tights that compliment the color of your boots and rise up to a shorter skirt or dress.

Defy Expectations

The last two sections assume that you love cowboy boots but you don’t want them to draw too much attention while you’re shopping at a downtown mall. However, you could also choose to defy expectations and bring the modern Western look to the middle of a crowded city street. This means boot-cut jeans, patterned skirts and tops, and cowboy boots with a bright pattern you can see from the other end of a crowded lane. If you want to stand out from the crowd, embracing your inner cowgirl is a great way to do so.

Cowboy boots have been in and out of fashion so often that you probably wouldn’t look too out of place in an urban park even if your outfit includes a pair of Western-style cowboy boots complete with bright patterns along its whole length. Still, unless you’re going for the Western look, you should make sure you coordinate your boots with the rest of your outfit and help them blend with something to cover your legs. Unless showing your legs off is the point, of course.



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